One of the most impressive places in the Serranía de Ronda, in Andalusia

Through tunnels, ruins, bridges and cliffs: route in the spectacular Buitreras Canyon

I never tire of saying that Spain is a beautiful country that offers visitors a wide variety of landscapes, some of which are truly amazing.

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One of these places is in the beautiful Serranía de Ronda, in the province of Málaga: it is Buitreras Canyon, a gorge of the Guadiaro river that in some places reaches a drop of 100 meters. From 2003, this place is a natural monument, ideal for lovers of hiking and canyoning.

The best way we have to see it without leaving home is, of course, from the hand of our friends at Aventuras Entresierras, one of the best YouTube channels to which you can subscribe if you like urban exploration, mountaineering and direct contact with nature. Today they have published an interesting video in which they take a tour of that Canyon, a route in which there is enough to write an adventure book: tunnels, bridges, cliffs and ruins:

You can see below some screenshots of the video, as a simple preview of the fascinating things that you can see in it. Here a sample for lovers of mysterious tunnels:

Here we can see the Guadiaro river as it passes through this beautiful spot:

Here we see the Germans Bridge, built in 1918 and whose name is quite misleading, since it was a work of Belgian engineering and is an aqueduct that is part of the hydroelectric network built in this place.

An impressive image of the Buitreras Canyon. It is amazing to see how the water, like the passage of time, has pierced the mountain.

A beautiful abandoned house on this route, near the Germans Bridge.

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