The courage of a protester before the Type 69 tanks of the Chinese Army

A man in front of the tanks in Tiananmen: the complete video of an anonymous heroic act

In 1989 the communist dictatorships suffered an earthquake. In Europe the Soviet bloc collapsed and in China there were protests in favor of democracy.

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Those of us who lived through those moments on television remember what happened in June 1989 in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Chinese students had been demonstrating for two months to demand democratic reforms in the country. The response of the communist dictatorship was to send the Chinese Army against the protesters. On June 5, an unusual event was captured by Western journalists who were in the Chinese capital: a column of Type 59 main battle tanks advanced along the wide Chang'an Avenue to quell the protests, a repression that resulted in hundreds of deaths.

The most surprising thing is that a man, dressed in a white shirt and black pants, stood in front of the column of tanks, forcing them to stop. The tank leading the column decided to turn, but the man he moved quickly to bar her way. The scene lasted almost three minutes. Paradoxically, many young people today are unaware of what happened then, which is why I thought of recovering this video to remember it. A few months ago, Neural Networks and Deep Learning posted the full video of the facts in 4K quality:

To this day, the identity of that brave man is still unknown who was capable of risking his life in defense of Freedom, becoming an anonymous hero to millions of people. These images became a symbol of courage and resistance against communist totalitarianism, which still maintains its dictatorship in that country, violating human rights in the face of passivity and even with the complicity of many international organizations, including the UN, in which China is exercising increasing influence.

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