A journey in an imaginary ship that begins in the Kuiper Belt

A fascinating visual journey through strange worlds already discovered by humanity

Space is full of undiscovered places that challenge not only our technological ability to reach them, but also our imagination.

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The YouTube channel Melodysheep has been posting some great videos for years exploring how you might be life in other worlds, how can I be the origin of the Moon and other interesting topics related to space. Two days ago, that channel published a new video entitled "The sights of space" in which it places us in the Navis III, an imaginary ship capable of taking us anywhere on Earth. Milky Way. His journey takes us on a tour of the wildest planets humanity has yet discovered: worlds that defy belief.

This imaginary journey begins in the Kuiper Belt , a huge asteroid belt that surrounds the Solar System and in which we can find a multitude of dwarf planets, of which only a few are known to date. The journey continues through more distant and strange worlds, recreating them with a truly admirable eye-catching:

You can see here some screenshots of the video, as a small preview (in the video they are much better appreciated). Here we see a recreation of the Kuiper Belt.

This reddish world is Makemake , a dwarf planet located in the Kuiper Belt and about half the size of Pluto. Its name corresponds to the god Make-Make of the Rapanui culture of Easter Island.

This is J1407b, a planet we've already seen here and that has a ring system 200 times bigger than Saturn's.

And here we have HD 219134 b, an exoplanet that orbits around the star HR 8832, in the Constellation Cassiopeia. It is the closest rocky planet to Earth outside the Solar System, and is located 21.25 light years from us.

An excellent video, anyway. Of course, you can tell that the author is a fan of the magician Sarumán (I say this because of the flag with the white hand).

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