A wish list for several specific countries and for the rest of the world

Ten wishes that I hope come true in 2023 for the cause of life and freedom

We have just started a new year and as usual, it is time to express good wishes and resolutions. Counting Stars formulates ten in particular.

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These ten wishes are related to the main cause for which this website exists: that of life and freedom, two inseparable rights, since both derive from our human dignity. These are the wishes:

  • That Ukraine defeats Russia and manages to expel the invaders from its territory, and that the damages committed against the Ukrainian people be repaired and compensated.
  • That Vladimir Putin be overthrown and brought before an international court to answer for his crimes against the Ukrainian people.
  • That Pedro Sánchez fails to achieve his goal of demolishing the rule of law in Spain, and that we Spanish democrats manage to stop an increasingly fanatical and authoritarian left.
  • That the left-wing (the PSOE and Podemos) lose the next general elections in Spain, which in theory should be held in autumn, and that this be the beginning of a real change, and not a mere change of acronyms.
  • May Vox achieve an excellent electoral result, as it is the only real alternative to the progressive consensus that we have in Spain and the last hope for real change that many Spaniards have.
  • May the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) party win the parliamentary elections in Poland, to be held in the autumn, and may that country continue to be a bulwark against left-wing dogmas and dictatorship of relativism.
  • That the communist dictatorships be overthrown and that the peoples who suffer from them today can finally live in freedom.
  • May the Islamist dictatorship in Iran be overthrown, and may its fall be the beginning of a transition towards freedom in the Islamic world, today dominated by theocratic dictatorships.
  • May the cause of life continue to advance in the world, may innocent lives continue to be saved, and may supporters of the abolition of the crime of abortion continue to achieve new victories.
  • Let the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the world cease, and where before they suffered hatred, harassment, torture and jail, they may finally enjoy their right to profess their faith in Liberty.

I also take this opportunity to wish my family and all of you who read this website that 2023 brings you all the best, and that in a year from now we can continue reading each other. Happy 2023 everyone!

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