It is set in 1916, in the harsh days of trench warfare

'Deux Vies': an excellent German short film about the World War I

In World War I there were brutal trench battles with hundreds of thousands killed by machine guns, artillery and chemical weapons.

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The massacre was so appalling and the number of victims was so high among the combatants, that humanity believed that this would be "the war that will end all wars", in the words of the then president of the United States United, Woodrow Wilson. Unfortunately this was not the case and only a generation had to wait for the massacre to be repeated.

A group of German filmmakers specializing in military historical reenactment, ParaLight WorX, published his first short film about that war a few days ago (now we have seen his excellent films about the Second World War). This short film, with a French title, "Deux Vies" (two lives), is set in 1916 and is divided into two parts, which talk about two young soldiers. In the first part we see a group of German soldiers at the front, next to a machine gun, going into combat with French soldiers. The second part takes place a few days later. The video has subtitles in English and in 21 other languages, you can activate them in the bottom bar of the player:

Once again, we must congratulate ParaLight WorX for the high quality of their work, both in the preparation of the settings and in the details of the uniforms and weapons, as well as in the development of the stories and the interpretations. It is a great way to remember history, precisely now that in a part of Europe, such as Ukraine, the harsh trench warfare is being repeated because of the Russian invasion.

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