It has censored a Defense and Aviation publication for pro-Russian reports

Twitter imposes scandalous censorship on reporting a Russian war crime

This afternoon I had the unpleasant surprise that Twitter had blocked the Defense and Aviation account for reports against a publication.

The murder of three Ukrainian soldiers by a Russian mercenary from the Wagner Group
The story of little Elya, who died of a heart attack in Ukraine at the age of 6

That post is the one you could see here yesterday about the murder of three Ukrainian soldiers by a Russian mercenary, a publication that was clearly denouncing a war crime, as anyone can see that you read that post.

Twitter has blocked the Defensa y Aviación account for "Breaking the rules that prohibit posting multimedia content that shows gratuitous gory scenes. You cannot share excessively graphic images and videos (eg serious injuries , torture) Exposure to gratuitous gore can be harmful, especially if the content is posted with the intent to provoke delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure". Does it appear to Twitter that denouncing a war crime is intended to provoke delight in that crime?

Earlier today, Putin fans started attacking that post and dedicated themselves to reporting it. In other words, Twitter censors the denunciation of a war crime at the request of those who support the perpetrators of that crime. What would happen if we were in 1945 and the reports were made by Nazis? Could we not show the evidence of the crimes committed by the Third Reich, under the risk of being censored and seeing our accounts blocked?

Of course, freedom of speech is far from being restored on Twitter, considering that it is even capable of resorting to censorship to hide war crimes at the request of sympathizers of criminals. What happened today is disappointing and does not agree with the promises of freedom of speech that Elon Musk made. It is incomprehensible that scenes of deaths from that war are published daily on his social network, and yet they are censor a website for reporting a war crime. This is already crazy.

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