She suffered from Russian bombing for 11 months just 5 km from the front

The story of little Elya, who died of a heart attack in Ukraine at the age of 6

In recent hours, the story of a little girl has been known that reminds us of the terrible experience that many children in Ukraine are living.

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The Ukrainian journalist Olena Trybushna pointed out yesterday that this Wednesday the little girl died Elya, a girl of only 6 years old. He resided in Avdiivka, a town of 2,500 inhabitants in the Donetsk region, which has been under Ukrainian control since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. According to the Ukrainian outlet NovynyEspreso.TV, Elya lived with her grandmother. Her mother works abroad and her father died.

For 11 months, Elya lived just 5 kilometers from the front line, enduring frequent Russian bombardments against civilian residential areas. Elya and her grandmother were hiding in a basement during the attacks (you can see her there on these lines). The girl trembled with fear during the shelling. This Wednesday, the girl's arms and legs began to go numb. She did not tell anyone and she ended up dying of a heart attack , at only 6 years old, due to the constant stress she was enduring during the Russian bombings.

There are many Ukrainian children who are suffering exceptional stressful situations due to the Russian invasion, with girls who, at only 8 or 9 years old, already have their first gray hairs due to the stress they suffer during the attacks. Some refugee centers in Poland where they welcome children have had to ban balloons, due to the risk of exploding and causing a panic attack for children who have endured months of explosions near their houses and constant stress.

The photos of Elya that you see in this post have been published by Vlada Makhovskyi, a volunteer who visited this girl a few times. He remembers that the first time he visited her, her words were: "I'm scared to death."

In this photo we see Vlada with Elya, during a visit by this volunteer to the girl. Vlada visits children like Elya who are suffering from this war, bringing them humanitarian aid and trying to evacuate them from the front (if their guardians allow it). In this girl's case, she didn't make it. Below these lines you can see a video posted by Vlada in which we see and hear (little, because she spoke in a very low voice) little Elya:

In this other video posted by Vlada we can see the basement where Elya has hidden from the Russian bombardments for 11 months:

I pray to God that Putin and his accomplices end up paying in court for the death of children like Elya, a new victim of the criminal invasion unleashed by Russia against a sovereign and independent nation like Ukraine. Rest in peace, little Elya.

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