Russia is targeting Ukrainian civilians in a purely terrorist tactic

Ten months of the invasion of Ukraine: the numbers of the Russian war crimes

Today, precisely on Christmas Eve, marks ten months since the beginning of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The resolution of the Sejm of Poland accusing Russia of terrorism and genocide in Ukraine
The figures and the situation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine one month after its start

As we celebrate Christmas, I would like to dedicate a special memory to the people of Ukraine, who have been resisting for ten months against a criminal invader who is committing war crimes and genocide. There are many Ukrainian families who will experience these Christmas holidays in a very different way than they did a year ago. Many women and children have had to flee the country while the men stayed behind to fight. Many Ukrainian families have been torn apart by the violence and death sown by the Russians.

On December 19, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights published its updated report of civilian casualties in this war, some numbers corresponding to the period between February 24, 2022 and on December 18. The numbers are as follows:

  • 6,826 civilians killed.
  • 1,822 women killed.
  • 2,686 men killed.
  • 174 girls killed.
  • 216 children killed.
  • 38 children and 1,890 adults killed whose sex is unknown.
  • 10,769 civilians injured.
  • 1,690 women injured.
  • 10,769 men wounded.
  • 224 girls injured.
  • 314 children injured.
  • 252 children and 5,953 adults injured whose sex is unknown.

In Donbass, the vast majority of casualties (3,553 killed and 3,966 wounded) have occurred in areas controlled by forces loyal to the Ukrainian government. In other regions of Ukraine controlled by Ukrainian forces, there have been there have been 7,975 civilian casualties (2,790 killed and 5,185 wounded).

The report adds: "Most recorded civilian casualties were caused by the use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects, including heavy artillery barrages, multiple launch rocket systems, missiles and airstrikes". Let us remember that in this invasion, Russia is attacking civilian targets indiscriminately in order to sow terror in Ukraine.

In turn, on December 16, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine published his most recent report on Russian war crimes. The report indicated the following numbers:

  • 53,803 crimes of aggression and war crimes.
  • 18,519 crimes against national security.
  • 449 war crimes with children killed.
  • 859 war crimes with injured children.

On December 9, General Prosecutor of Ukraine Andriy Kostin noted These facts about Russian crimes against the Ukrainian people:

  • 8,500 civilians killed in the areas under the control of the Government of Ukraine.
  • 143 Russian missile attacks against Ukrainian energy infrastructure, 75% of them launched during the months of October and November.
  • 146 cases of sexual violence registered in the territories occupied by Russian forces.
  • 13,000 Ukrainian children deported to Russia (this is official data, the real figures may be ten times higher).

Ukraine is not only defending itself against invaders who have forced their way into their country in an attempt to conquer it and end its sovereignty and independence. In addition, the Ukrainian people are confronting a gang of criminals led by Vladimir Putin, a gang that is committing abominable crimes reminiscent of those perpetrated by the Nazi dictatorship and the communist dictatorships. The free world must do everything possible to help Ukraine win this war, not only because its cause is just, but because it is victim of a group of terrorists, rapists and child murderers.

On this very sad Christmas for many Ukrainians, we must bring support and hope to a people who are showing admirable courage. Ukraine is today the first line in defense of Western civilization against barbarism. Yes Ukraine falls, tomorrow the next attacked could be Moldova, Georgia, Poland, the Baltic republics and any other country that puts itself in the crosshairs of Vladimir Putin, a tyrant who deserves to go down in history in the same place that criminals like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tug.


Photo: Serhii Nuzhnenko. Graves of Ukrainian civilians massacred by the Russians and Izyum.

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