A Japanese video compares the maneuvers of F-22, F-35, Su-35 and Su-57

A comparison of the maneuverability of the most advanced US and Russian fighters

The United States and the Russian Federation are, to this day, the powers with the greatest capacity to build technologically advanced combat aircraft.

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The United States has a notable advantage in this. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor has been in service for almost 18 years now, while the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II has already served more than five years. Russia has had more difficulties developing its fifth-generation fighter, the Sukhoi Su-57, with constant problems in its development that delayed its entry into service until 2020. Still today, Russia only It has 11 active series SU-57s, to which must be added the 10 prototypes built (not all of them capable of flying), while the US has 187 F-22s in service.

In turn, the US and its allied countries already have 890 F-35s in operation, a fifth-generation fighter, while the Russian equivalent (so to speak), the Su-35, is a 4th generation fighter with no stealth capability, although it does have its vector nozzles in its favor, which give it great maneuverability. Again, Russia loses in numbers: there are only 151 Su-35s in service.

The Japanese channel Tonkatsu298 has published an interesting video today in which it compares the maneuverability of the F-22, the F-35, the Su-35 and the Su-57, showing them in exhibitions in which they carried out similar maneuvers:

The F-22 seems to take the cake, which with its vector nozzles is still today a fighter with exceptional maneuverability, although the Su-35 is lagging behind.

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