Some images recorded aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli

This is the deafening vertical landing of a Marine F-35B fighter in an LHD

The F-35B Lightning II is replacing the US Marine Corps Harrier II embarked on amphibious assault ships, the so-called LHDs.

The meaning of the different colors of the flight personnel on warships
The difficulty of landing on a US aircraft carrier explained by a Spanish engineer

Although the flight decks of these ships are not as large and dangerous as those of the large aircraft carriers of the US Navy, it is still a workplace with notable risks. Flight deck personnel work in close proximity to aircraft that are landing and taking off.

One of the risks, by the way, is acoustic. We can understand it a little by watching this video published today by the US Navy in which we see the landing of two F-35B Marines aboard the LHD USS Tripoli. It is, perhaps, one of the videos of This type of maneuver has best reflected the deafening noise these planes make, especially when landing, which is when the plane's two nozzles are active (the adjustable main engine and the jet engine). vertical thrust). The video was recorded on January 11, 2022 in the Pacific Ocean:

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