They feed envy to avoid their responsibility in the economic situation

The distraction tactic of the left-wing to get away with after ruining Spain again

A few months ago it was four years since the return of the PSOE socialists to power in Spain, and the same thing that has happened on other occasions has ended up happening.

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The recipes that the left-wing uses to ruin Spain

Since it first came to power in 1982, every time the PSOE has governed Spain, the sequence of events has always been the same: an increase in public spending to support all kinds of clientelist networks and generate a captive vote; This increase in spending is fueled by tax increases that scare away investors, with the consequent increase in unemployment and public debt. Thus, the country enters a vicious circle from which it is only possible to get out with harsh and unpopular readjustments that almost always have to be assumed by a right-wing government. The left-wing is determined to repeat economic recipes that have already been shown to be wrong if what is sought is to promote prosperity in a country, but that is not what the left is looking for.

They want a subsidized and controlled society

We have already had abundant evidence throughout history to conclude that socialists and communists do not want a prosperous society, since in a democratic country this is achieved by creating an attractive environment -low tax pressure and freedom of market - to attract foreign investors and thus be able to generate work and wealth. What the left wants is a poor society, subsidized and intervened by the State, a society in which citizens depend on political favors and the leftist caste has control of the largest possible percentage of the national wealth.

Every time the PSOE has governed, that greater control of the State over the economy always has an impact on an erosion of freedoms, starting with freedom of information, undermined by public aid that the government uses to subdue the critical media, and thus prevent them from carrying out their work of monitoring abuses of political power. Successive socialist governments have also eroded judicial independence, an attack on the separation of powers that under Pedro Sánchez has reached scandalous heights.

The results of four years of leftist government

And what result is obtained with this way of governing in the economic sphere? Well, the worst possible: Spain is right now the country with the highest unemployment rate in the European Union, and also the country with the highest public debt in relation to its GDP (115%) and with the highest public deficit in the EU. That astronomical debt will have disastrous consequences for the Spanish in the future, but it is also having them in the present. Right now, Spain already pays more for debt interest its astronomical public debt than it invests in basic public services. And the situation will get worse, because we have a government determined to spend more than it receives, to raise taxes and to continue scaring away investors, both national and foreign.

The Government's distraction tactic: fostering envy

Yesterday we had a new example of this suicidal policy: Minister Ione Belarra, from the far-left party Podemos, insulted businessman Juan Roig, owner of the Mercadona supermarket chain, calling him a "soulless capitalist" and "loan shark". In other words, the government attacks those who create wealth and jobs in Spain. Can there be a clearer and more stupid way to scare away everyone who is willing to risk their money to invest in our country? Every time this government insults a businessman, what it guarantees is more unemployment and more poverty.

Of course, if Belarra insults Roig, it is not because this businessman is a bad person. In fact, the owner of Mercadona is considered one of the most model businessmen in Spain. If the far-left insults Roig, it is to foster envy and thus distract the Spanish from noticing the real culprits of their ruin, who are our rulers. Obviously, in Spain, as in any other country, there are bad employers just as there are bad workers. But the cause of our ruin is not that. The cause of our ruin is the harmful ideological recipes of the left, recipes that are not designed to favor the Spanish, but rather so that the left remains in power at the cost of ruining our country.

A government of heartless and usurers

Already put to use the same terms as that minister, the heartless are the rulers who raise taxes on us in the midst of a crisis and who do not reduce a single ministry, being the government with the most ministries of all those who we have had in 45 years of democracy in Spain. The soulless are the ones who penalize us for working through increasingly higher taxes and social security contributions that are more unbearable for Spaniards. The usurers are the rulers who plunder us fiscally at a time of crisis, to lead a life of luxury at our expense, earning outrageous salaries and using the money from our taxes to benefit their like-minded people.

They believe that anything goes to stay in power

Faced with a government as disastrous as this, the strange thing is that there has not already been a social outbreak in Spain, taking into account the weariness that many Spaniards feel before the band of incompetents and looters who govern us. But the fact that there hasn't been one doesn't mean that all this is going to be free for the left. All the polls , except those manipulated by the government through the CIS, point to a clear defeat for the left in the next general elections, which should be held this year.

Faced with the possible loss of what they most want, which is power, socialists and communists have decided to activate their propaganda and agitation machinery so that their voters blame the rich and not the government, which is the that has ruined Spain. They intend to feed and use something as foolish as envy to get away with it and stay in power. We have unscrupulous rulers who believe that anything goes to stay in power. Those rulers are the problem, and not the owner of Mercadona.


Photo: Europa Press. The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, at a Podemos meeting on February 5, 2023.

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