In the city of Nurdagi, 6 km from the epicenter of the earthquake

Spanish soldiers of the UME manage to save two children and their mother in Turkey

The Spanish military deployed in Turkey are not only helping those affected by the earthquakes, but have also managed to save lives.

Spain sends its aircraft carrier to Turkey to help the victims of the earthquakes
The departure of Spanish military aid for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey

Five days after the earthquakes that have caused the death of thousands of people, and on the verge of losing hope of finding survivors under the rubble (due to dehydration and the intense cold that is doing in the area), it seems that the patron saint of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), the Virgin of the Rosary, has worked a miracle in the Turkish city of Nurdagi, in the province of Gaziantep, 6 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake and where the Spanish military was working to rescue victims of the earthquakes under the collapsed buildings.

This noon, the Spanish Ministry of Defense announced that Spanish military from the UME have managed to save a boy and a girl, and that they continued working to rescue the mother of the little ones. The news of her mother's rescue was announced by the Ministry of Defense at 2:13 p.m. CET. You can see here the videos of the rescue published by the Ministry:

The rescue of the little ones has been received with applause. Thanks to the work of these Spanish soldiers, three lives have been saved when it already seemed very difficult to rescue any victim alive. One more reason to be proud of the Spanish military.

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