An urban explorer recorded images of half-built MiG-29 fighters there

A tour of an abandoned factory of Russian MiG fighters in the city of Moscow

Among the many ruined buildings that one can visit in the world, one of the most atypical is the factory for jet planes and, especially, fighters.

Smirnykh: a ruined air base where a Soviet MiG-23 fighter was abandoned
A Soviet IS-3 heavy tank of the World War II abandoned on a hill in the Kuril Islands

This is precisely the subject of an interesting video published by the Russian urban explorer Zloy Kot, which shows the interior of an abandoned MiG fighter factory in the city of Moscow. In the images, half-built MiG-29 fighters are seen, already dirty and with no prospect of these planes they are going to be finished one day. The Russian explorer comments that fighter production was moved to another factory, in order to demolish the old factory to build houses on the site, but it seems strange that those planes have been left there.

In some images you can also see three cells of what appear to be training aircraft, and another aircraft -apparently of the same type- half-finished. Possibly MiG-AT aircraft, a trainer project presented by Mikoyan in the mid-1990s. The aircraft made its first flight in 1996 and only two examples were completed, as the project was eventually cancelled.

The video is in Russian, but you can understand a bit by activating the automatic English translation in the bottom bar of the player:

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