The creator of Peter Rabbit bequeathed this site to the National Trust in her will

The Cumbrian cave that belonged to the famous tales writer Beatrix Potter

Mining has changed some landscapes in a surprising way and in certain places it could be said that even magical, as it happens with Las Médulas in Spain.

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Another of those magical places is in Cumbria, the north-western region of England that borders Scotland. That place is known as Cathedral Quarry (Cathedral de la Cantera) or Cathedral Cave (Cueva de la Cantera). It is an old slate mine that dates back to the 16th century, and which today is preserved as a fascinating place to visit. This cavern is famous because in 1929 it was bought by Beatrix Potter, a famous British writer of children's stories and creator of the character Peter Rabbit.

Before his death in 1943, Potter bequeathed this cave to the National Trust, a British conservation organization that maintains hundreds of monuments, gardens and natural sites in the UK. This cave is completely free to visit. This Friday, Eastwood's Adventures has published an interesting video showing this fascinating cavern and its surroundings:

You can see below some video captures about the surroundings and the interior of this cavern.

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