A video of the eFP Battle Group Latvia with tanks, IFVs and artillery pieces

Rock and shots: the Spanish soldiers and their allies display their forces in Latvia

NATO's eFP Battle Group Latvia has concluded the ten-day exercise Wolverine Shield, held at its Camp Adazi base in Latvia.

The shots of the M-109 howitzers of the Spanish Army in Latvia seen from inside
The Leopardos 2E of the Spanish Army show us their high-explosive shells

This Saturday, the eFP Battle Group Latvia published an Very rock video showing some moments of that exercise and a spectacular formation of all its forces, which include tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry fighting vehicles and other military vehicles:

Next we are going to review the video to analyze some of the vehicles that appear in it.

Vehicles of the Spanish contingent, from the Brigade "Guadarrama" XII. In the image we see three Leopardo 2E battle tanks, an Iveco-Pegaso M.250 truck and a VAMTAC ST-5.

An ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the Spanish Army in a lined position. In the background on the right we see a Spanish soldier in winter uniform in a trench.

A self-propelled artillery position. On the left are three M-109A5 self-propelled howitzers and two M-548 ammunition vehicles from the Spanish Army. In the background are four SpGH Zuzana self-propelled howitzers of the Slovak Army, as well as another vehicle that I cannot identify.

A Dardo infantry fighting vehicle of the Italian Army. They are deployed with soldiers from the Brigade Bersaglieri "Garibaldi".

A Canadian Army M-777 howitzer, just at the moment of firing. An excellent artillery piece from which the Ukrainians are getting great performance.

Two IFV Dardo and a C1 Ariete tank of the Italian Army moving along a completely snowy road.

Two Spanish M-109A5 self-propelled howitzers at the moment of firing. In the M-109A5 on the left we see Spanish gunners and Latvian gunners. We already saw these images here a few days ago.

Five Spanish IFV ASCOD Pizarro on a snowy field at Camp Adazi. Spain is one of the main contributors to the eFP Battle Group Latvia since its first deployment in 2017.

A Spanish IFV ASCOD Pizarro. The vehicle has a green camouflage net on the turret.

A Polish Army PT-91 Twardy tank. This tank is a version of the Soviet T-72 modernized in Poland. Right now that country is delivering a large part of its PT-91 to Ukraine.

A family photo of all the vehicles of the eFP Battle Group Latvia. This group consists of personnel from Albania, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Iceland, Italy, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland.

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