A joint training of Spanish and Latvian gunners at Camp Adazi

The shots of the M-109 howitzers of the Spanish Army in Latvia seen from inside

Last month we saw here images of the Wolverine Forge exercise carried out in Latvia by Spanish and Latvian artillerymen at Camp Adazi.

Booms in the Baltic lands: the images of the artillery of the Spanish Army in Latvia
The Leopardos 2E of the Spanish Army show us their high-explosive shells

The Spanish military contingent in that Baltic republic is made up of soldiers from the XII "Guardarrama" Brigade, based in El Goloso, Madrid. NATO's eFP Battle Group Latvia released new footage of the exercise yesterday, this time in video format, in which we can see the gunners from both countries inside the Spanish M-109 during the shooting:

The video has some interesting details that we can see in the following screenshots. Here we see two Spanish M-109A5s: the one on the right has just fired, and we can see the 155mm shell already in flight.

One of the Army's M-109A5s with the winter camouflage nets that the Spanish contingent vehicles have been using in Latvia for weeks.

In the tower of the M-109A5 we see a Spanish soldier in the commander's hatch, with the 12.7mm Browning M-2 machine gun, and a Latvian soldier leaning out of the other hatch.

A synchronized shot from two Spanish M-109A5s. In this case we see the Spanish and Latvian gunners outside the vehicle.

The interior of one of the Spanish M-109A5s. On the right we see the barrel, with the breech open. The shell has just been inserted into the barrel and a Latvian gunner is holding the sack containing the propellant charge.

Another image of the interior of one of the Spanish M-109A5s. On the right we see the housing for the projectiles in the tower. This vehicle can carry up to 36 shells on board. The Spanish M-109A5s are usually accompanied by M-548 ammunition vehicles to supply more projectiles and propellant charges, as we saw last month.

The moments before the 155mm howitzer is fired. If we look closely, the gunners close their eyes and mouths to mitigate the effects of the pressure wave generated by the shot.

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