An armored personnel carrier based on the Patria AMV and with multiple versions

Ukraine will buy 150 KTO Rosomak: this is how these Polish vehicles of Finnish origin are

This week the Ukrainian government's decision to make a major arms purchase from Poland became known.

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Polish government spokesman Piotr Müller announced on Wednesday that in the recent meeting of the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, with the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, in Warsaw, both agreed to the sale to Ukraine dw 150 KTO Rosomak armored vehicles and 100 Piorun portable missile launchers. The Polish military journal Polska Zbrojna announced today that, in addition, the Polish arms company Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and the Ukrainian company ARTeM will jointly manufacture 125mm tank ammunition, the caliber of the guns of the T-72 and the PT-91 Twardy.

The KTO Rosomak (Wolverine, in Polish) is a multipurpose 8x8 armored vehicle manufactured in Poland by the company Rosomak SA. It is based on the Finnish Patria AMV armored vehicle, introduced in 2004 and used by Finland, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, South Africa. The Rosomak can reach a top speed of 100 km/h, with a range of up to 1,000 km, depending on the version. In addition, it has the capacity to ford water courses at about 10 km/h. The vehicle carries three crew members (driver, commander and gunner), and troop transport versions can carry up to eight equipped soldiers.

These Polish vehicles bought by Ukraine will be financed with funds from the US and the European Union. Keep in mind that Poland is one of the countries that has sent the most military aid to Ukraine for nothing, but the Polish Army cannot indefinitely reduce its capabilities to sustain the Ukrainian war effort if others countries do not contribute to that aid.

Poland has more than 900 vehicles of this type and several versions have been implemented, which you can see below.

The basic KTO Rosomak, a personnel transport vehicle.

The KTO Rosomak S, a personnel transport vehicle prepared to launch Spike anti-tank missiles.

A KTO Rosomak M1M infantry fighting vehicle in Afghanistan, with protections against grenade launchers.

Another Rosomak M1M fording a river. This early infantry fighting vehicle version is fitted with an OTO Melara Hitfist-30P turret with a 30mm cannon.

A KTO Rosomak infantry fighting vehicle with the new ZSSW-30 unmanned turret, introduced in 2022. This turret is equipped with a 30mm ATK Mk44S main gun, a UKM-2000C coaxial machine gun 7.62mm and two Spike anti-tank missile launchers.

A KTO Rosomak WEM , the ambulance version of this vehicle.

A KTO Rosomak WD command vehicle (left), next to a KTO Rosomak M3 personnel carrier.

A KTO Rosomak AWD , the version for artillery command.

A KTO Rosomak mortar carrier with an SMK 120 mortar.

A KTO Rosomak WSRiD , with a multi-sensor surveillance and recognition system.

A KTO Rosomak WRT of technical recognition.


Photos: Polska Zbrojna / Tag der polnischen Streikräfte / Stiopa.

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