A Russian NGO has pointed to Putin and Yevgueni Prigozhin as responsible

Russian mercenaries confess the murder of Ukrainian children following orders

War crimes committed by the Russian invaders in Ukraine continue to be uncovered, including the murders of dozens of children.

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A Russian NGO publishes the testimonies of two ex-commanders of de Wagner

This Monday, the Russian opposition organization Gulagu.net, based in Paris and bringing together relatives of prisoners and independent human rights activists, published a video lasting more than an hour with statements by two mercenaries from the Wagner Group, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close associate of Vladimir Putin.

Gulagu.net has pointed out that these statements have been made by two former Wagner commanders who were prisoners pardoned by decrees personally signed by Putin in exchange for their enlistment in Wagner, within the framework of the so-called Project K, with in which this group of mercenaries expanded its ranks with thousands of criminals imprisoned in Russian jails. The first of them is Azamat Uldarov, an ex-convict of Russia's IK-1 UFSIN in the Voronezh region, pardoned by Putin through a decree signed on August 23, 2022. The second is the ex-convict Alexei Savichev, also from the Voronezh IK-1 UFSIN and pardoned by Putin by a decree signed on September 2, 2022.

On their Telegram channel, Gulagu.net yesterday published the documents proving the identity of the two prisoners and his enlistment in Wagner. In addition, it is indicated that Uldarov was awarded a medal for valor. The Russian NGO also includes in that link the lists provided by its source from the Federal Penitentiary Service about those sent to war from the Russian penal colonies, which also confirm the testimonies of these former unit commanders of the Wagner Group.

They confess to having murdered dozens of children on the orders of Wagner's boss

According to the Ukrainian daily Obozrevatel, in the video (can be seen here, although Youtube has activated the age restriction due to the crudeness of the confessions, so I cannot insert it in this post), the two mercenaries confess to the murder of dozens of Ukrainian children following orders from Wagner's boss.

One of the mercenaries, Azamat Uldarov, confesses in the video: "We were given the order to kill everyone in our path and be on the defensive. By any means. And we went, killing everyone. There were men and women, retirees and children. Do you understand what is in these hands now? Do you understand?... She screams, she's a little girl, you know? 5-6 years old. And I shot him", he says as he smokes a cigarette.

Starting at the 52:00 point in the video, Uldarov explains that they found 300 to 400 people, including about 40 children, in the basement of a nine-story building. Wagner's ex-commander declares that Prigozhin personally ordered the assassination of all those civilians and not even sparing the children, by means of a video call. In addition, the Russian mercenaries - who were deployed in Ukraine for six months - confess to the murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war and even other Russian mercenaries who refused to continue fighting.

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office refuses to investigate the crimes

Gulagu.net has pointed out that "without the complicity of Putin and Prigozhin, these individuals would have been serving prison terms in the colonies of the Federal Penitentiary Service, but instead, the Russian authorities sent them to war, having previously taught them how to kill other people". Likewise, yesterday the Russian NGO pointed out that "Azamat and Aleksey are in Russia", and that they are not under the influence of the CIA or the SBU (the Ukrainian intelligence service).

On its Telegram channel, Gulagu.net informed this morning that this Monday, "the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine initiated the criminal prosecution of Yevgeny Prigozhin for war crimes committed by him and his subordinates." However, the Russian organization The Russian Federation Prosecutor General's Office has indicated that it "did not appreciate" evidence of crimes in those confessions, which include the murder of more than 70 Russians by Wagner mercenaries.

Wagner threatened the two mercenaries into refusing to testify

Furthermore, Gulagu.net adds that "Yevgeny Prigozhin and his security service officers resorted to death threats against Aleksey and Azamat to force them to refuse to testify about especially serious crimes known to them, as well as to force a slander against Vladimir Osechkin", the head of Gulagu.net, "in order to discredit the results of our independent investigation and avoid criminal liability of Prigozhin himself". Gulagu.net has held Wagner's boss responsible for what happens to the two mercenaries who testified: "if something happens to Azamat or Alexei in the near future and in the future, they drop a sledgehammer from the height of a 16-story building, they slip and fall into the Volga or something, the responsibility for their deaths will fall on Prigozhin."


Main photo: Пресс-служба Пригожина. Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group in Paraskovievka, in the Donetsk region, Ukraine, in mid-February 2023.

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