Russian invaders have released images of more beheaded prisoners

Russian terrorism imitates ISIS: releases a video cutting off the head of a prisoner

Russia continues to act like a terrorist state and exhibits utter disregard for life and human rights.

A head and two hands severed: the atrocious Russian treatment to Ukrainian prisoners
Anger in Ukraine with the footage of Russian soldiers castrating a Ukrainian prisoner

Russian invaders behead a Ukrainian prisoner with a knife

The latest and terrible chapter of Russian terrorism in Ukraine was released yesterday, through two horrifying videos. One of them was filmed by the Russians themselves - supposedly mercenaries from the Wagner terrorist group - and it shows Russian soldiers cutting off the head of a Ukrainian prisoner of war with a knife. The video was shared by Russian netizens on social networks, who do not hesitate to display their torture and execution of prisoners as feats, perhaps believing that this will instill terror in the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian blogger Oleksandr Aronets posted the video on Telegram, with this warning: "Please don't watch this video. I'm posting it just to show the Western elite who are still hesitant to give us planes and missiles". I warn that the video is very disturbing and I advise against watching it to anyone who has a modicum of humanity. All Putin admirers should be shown it at lunchtime every day.

They show images of two other Ukrainian prisoners beheaded

The second video, also broadcast on Telegram by Aronets, shows decapitated corpses of two Ukrainian prisoners. The news about the two videos was broadcast yesterday on Twitter by the Belarusian opposition outlet Nexta. Twitter has put warning messages even in screenshots of the first of those two videos , due to its extremely violent content.

They spread the image of a prisoner beheaded and impaled

To these two videos we must add a photo, spread (but pixelated) by Peter Clifford, showing the head of a Ukrainian prisoner impaled on Bakhmut. Clifford points out that there are reports of Ukrainian soldiers found decapitated near that town. Probably refers to the second video mentioned above.

The Russians already committed atrocities like these last year

It is not the first time that images of this type of practice by the Russian invaders have been disseminated. In August 2022, a human head was found nailed to a fence in Popasna, in the Lugansk region. The town had been occupied by Chechen militiamen in the service of Russia, who are known for their cruelty and atrocities during this invasion. Likewise, in July images of Russian invaders castrating a Ukrainian prisoner.

Atrocities that should make many reflect

Until now, videos of hostage beheadings were commonplace for ISIS terrorists. These are videos that showed the extreme cruelty of that criminal gang. Russia is now mimicking ISIS, releasing imprisoned criminals to join the ranks of Wagner's mercenaries and deploying Islamist fanatics from Chechnya to the Ukraine. This evidence of heinous war crimes should give some food for thought: what do you propose to negotiate with a gang of criminals that does these monstrosities?

This new evidence of Russian crimes in Ukraine should serve, like the numerous evidence we have seen before, to make the free world assume that helping Ukraine is a moral duty, and that Ukrainians They are not only fighting against invaders who intend to end their independence as a country, but also against Russian terrorists whose methods are increasingly reminiscent of those of Islamist terrorists. If these beasts are not stopped in the Ukraine, tomorrow they could do the same in any other country. Defeating Russia has the same moral significance today as defeating the Nazis in 1945.


Photo: Eyepress News.

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