Pedro Sánchez treats the Spanish as idiots with an obscene measure

An insult to democracy: robbing people to buy their votes with the stolen money

Historically, socialism has resorted to all kinds of tricks to seize power and keep it. And every time he does it with more brazenness.

The cause of the success of the lies of Pedro Sánchez and the accomplices of the deception
The reasons why the Spanish left-wing is immune to all its political scandals

Yesterday, at a Socialist Party (PSOE) rally in Murcia, Pedro Sánchez announced: "We are going to finance 50% of Interrail so that young people between the ages of 18 and 30 travel this summer through Europe. In addition, 90% discount on State trains and buses and 50 % in High Speed Trains. To travel and enjoy Spain!" When he said "we are going to finance", what he meant is that he is going to take that money from us Spaniards to buy votes for the PSOE, an obscene and tricky way of understanding politics, typical of an individual without morals and who believes that anything goes to stay in power.

Anyone with a bit of a brain will realize that what Sánchez does is rob the Spaniards and then buy their votes with the stolen money. And yes, I said "rob", because the State it has the coercive power to take a part of our income with the promise of offering us certain public services. But when the state uses its power to take away our money so that the government can buy votes with the proceeds , what we are talking about is no longer a tax to finance necessary services: it is a robbery whose purpose is to benefit the government itself.

What Sánchez is doing is an insult to democracy, a shameless way of using the functions of the State for his own benefit to obtain a personal advantage at the expense of all citizens. The announcement made yesterday by Sánchez is an act typical of a scoundrel who takes his fellow citizens for idiots, taking away a part of the fruit of their work to dedicate himself to financing pleasure trips with which to obtain the favor of young voters. It is also an obscene measure if we take into account that Spain is the country with the highest youth unemployment rate in Europe. What Sánchez offers these young unemployed is more waste and more taxes to continue applying socialist recipes that only serve to generate more unemployment and more misery.

However, it is fair to recognize that this shameless socialism works because there are many people willing to buy their hoaxes. These are the same people who tell you that they vote for the left in the hope that "the rich" (that is, the rest), and that in the end the only thing they achieve is that the socialists end up taxing all of us, except those who have purchasing power that allows them to move to another country with less fiscal pressure. The only beneficiaries of socialist policies are always the charlatans who design them, and not the deluded ones who fall again and again into their traps.

What we have in Spain is something that we could call a socialism for fools, for people incapable of reasoning and incapable of punishing their own mistakes, for people who are willing to vote again for the The same socialists who plunge them into misery, because they believe that a left-wing thief is better than any honest right-wing person. Those people deserve to be laughed at by socialists until the end of time. The others don't. More and more of us Spaniards are fed up with these charlatans, thieves and cheats. And the only thing they achieve by robbing us to buy votes is to piss us off even more and have even more desire to throw them out of power when the next ones arrive elections.


Photo: PSOE.

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