Surprisingly, remains of that plane are still found on the surface

The wreck of an Avro Lancaster bomber shot down in 1944 in a field in Germany

Over the years, finding World War II remnants in Europe is becoming a more difficult task.

Avro Lancaster: a bomber whose roar is already unique in Europe
The Maid of Harlech: the P-38 fighter that was buried on a beach for 65 years

Some seekers of relics of this war have to resort to a metal detector and a shovel to be able to locate many remains, since they are already buried. However, sometimes there are surprising findings, like the one WW2HistoryHunter posted today: a video showing a field in a populated area of Germany where the remains of a British Avro Lancaster bomber still lie on the surface.

The PA474 is the only Lancaster bomber still able to fly in Europe (Photo: Royal Air Force).

The Lancaster was a British four-engined bomber that made its maiden flight on 8 January 1941 and entered service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1942. 7,377 aircraft of this type were built, of of which 3,249 were lost in action. Only 35 Lancasters managed to exceed 100 missions. Currently today only 17 remain, of which only two are airworthy.

The author of the video points out that he was able to speak with a witness to the demolition of this bomber: he saw it catch fire in the sky and crash, dragging trees in its path. The crew members were buried by the Germans in the same location and in 1948 they were repatriated by the British military authorities:

You can see here some video captures that show these remains. I don't know which part of the plane they belong to. One of the pieces shows this serial code: 3D3290.

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