The Putin regime continues its provocations against the Polish people

The president of the Russian Duma goes crazy: he wants to take away part of the territory of Poland

It is becoming commonplace for the politicians of the Putin regime to talk like a drunk in a bar tavern would.

The 'liberation' of Poland by the USSR: an overview of the Soviet crimes and looting
Russian State Duma threatens Poland to be the next attacked after Ukraine

Volodin says Poland was "liberated" by the USSR

The last example we had only two days ago. Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (the lower house of the Russian parliament) and a man very close to Putin, has released an incendiary statement (here the official source) stating that "Poland has betrayed the historical memory, forgotten that it was liberated from the fascist invaders by the Soviet people and the price was very high."

A curious 'liberation' that imposed a communist dictatorship on the Poles

It is not the first time (and surely not the last) that a Russian politician calls "liberation" the imposition of a communist dictatorship in Poland by Moscow, looting, brutal repression and massive deportations that Poles endured at the hands of the Soviets, and the rapes of more than 100,000 Polish women and girls by Red Army soldiers. And it is that Putin's regime continues to repeat Soviet propaganda, a propaganda that confuses "liberation" with oppression, torture, executions, looting and rape. The same thing that Russia is doing in Ukraine, by the way.

Volodin wants to take part of its territory away from Poland

But Volodin's fanaticism goes even further. The chairman of the Russian Duma claims that a part of the current territory of Poland "became part of Poland after the World War II only because of our country’s assistance." Volodin "forgot" to say that this was so because in 1939 nazi Germany and the USSR jointly invaded Poland, after which the Soviets annexed the so-called Kresy strip, territories that they never returned and of those that did deport more than a million Poles, who were resettled in what is now western Poland, in territories that were formerly part of Germany.

The Kresy Strip (on the right, in dark grey) was the eastern part of Poland that was invaded and annexed by the USSR in 1939. In 1945, the Soviets took those territories. More than a million Poles who inhabited them were deported to Germany's former eastern territories (in white), which were given to Poland as compensation (Image:

Present-day Poland has given up claiming that lost strip, but present-day Russia continues to live in the past and play at dividing up Europe with its imperialist dreams. Proof of this is that in this incendiary speech, and as a protest towards the fact that Poland is removing monuments to the Soviet occupiers (the same thing it did before with the monuments to the nazi occupiers), Volodin stated: "Poland must return the territories acquired after World War II and pay back money spent on it during the war and post-war periods."

What Volodin does not explain is to whom should Poland return those territories, also won with the blood of its soldiers: to the Third Reich? As for the return of the money, how much would that hypothetical return be if the extensive damage caused by the Soviets to the Polish population is discounted?

It is Russia, heir to the USSR, that owes a debt to Poland

Adding interest, the one that would have to end up paying something, as the heir to the USSR, would be Russia. And it is that Poland has no debt with Russia: Russia does with Poland, for having jointly invaded Polish territory in 1939 at the hands of Nazi Germany, for deporting and torturing hundreds of thousands of Poles, for raping tens of thousands of Polish women and girls, for murdering multitudes of Poles - among them, the 22,000 victims of the Katyn massacre, about which Russia continues to hide data- and a long etcetera.

Let us also not forget that if the USSR was not defeated by Germany in World War II it was thanks to the immense aid received from Americans and British, an aid provided while the United States was almost alone (with some help from Australia and New Zealand) the war against the Japanese in the Pacific, in which the USSR refrained from taking part until August 8, 1945, when Japan was almost defeated. This aid was intended to liberate half of Europe, not to plunge it into a new regime of terror, as the USSR finally did with the countries it occupied. That Russia continues to call this "liberation" only shows that Putin's dictatorship is just as much a liar as Stalin's dictatorship.



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