The electoral campaign of the PSOE explodes between judicial cases

Vote buying, assault, harassment, kidnapping... The scandals of the Socialist Party in Spain

In the Socialist Party (PSOE) they have reason to be nervous. Just three days before the local elections, a series of serious scandals is breaking out.

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Cases of possible illegal vote buying in three municipalities

The one that seemed the worst of those scandals, known this Wednesday, is that of the illegal vote buying. Yesterday two PSOE candidates were arrested in Mojácar, in Almería, a province in which that party already had a court sentence for vote buying in Carboneras in the 2007 local elections. But this scandal is not limited to that province. This noon it has been known that two former PSOE mayors are being investigated for buying votes in Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville), and this afternoon the arrest of the PSOE candidate for mayor of Albudeite ( Murcia), for the same crime.

PSOE number two arrested for assault in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The judicial scandals of the Socialist Party do not end there. Yesterday number two on the PSOE list was arrested for assault in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The alleged aggression would have taken place this Wednesday during an electoral visit at the El Tablero soccer field. The complainant accuses the socialist candidate of throwing him to the ground and breaking his leg, for which he had to be hospitalized. This morning he has been provisionally released and the PSOE has removed him from his posts (he was part of the trusted staff of the island government of Tenerife).

The Prosecutor's Office requests a year in prison for harassment for the socialist mayor of Galapagar

This afternoon it has also been known that the Prosecutor's Office requests a year in prison for the socialist mayor of Galapagar (Madrid) for workplace harassment of an employee. The Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Collado Villalba has already opened an oral trial against the mayor, who aspires to re-election on the PSOE lists. The complainant is a former municipal secretary, who also denounced several councilors.

The number three of the Andalusian PSOE is investigated for a kidnapping

Just when it seemed that things couldn't get any worse, it ended up being known that the number three of the PSOE in Andalusia is being investigated for the kidnapping of a councilwoman in Maracena (Granada). The person investigated was mayor of that town and is currently an Andalusian deputy of the PSOE. For this same case the current mayoress of Maracena and her Town Planning councilor, both from the PSOE, are also being investigated. In addition, the councilor is also vice president of the Deputation of Granada. The kidnapping victim links the facts to an attempt to silence her for fear that she would reveal details of a supposed plot of urban crimes.

Given the facts, it cannot be ruled out that it is necessary to expand these lines with new cases that arise in the next few hours. In any case, the PSOE's electoral campaign for 28th March has blown up in the worst way, a disaster caused by members of the party itself. Let's see what "miracle" Sánchez comes up with to avoid a disaster this Sunday, although it is true that many PSOE voters will continue to support that party no matter how many scandals it suffers. If it were another party, already would be finished.


Photo: PSOE.

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