The images are accompanied by a 'Prayer for the liberation of Ukraine'

A spectacular video of the Ukrainian Army with Leopard 2A4 tanks donated by Spain

Hasta ahora no se habían difundido imágenes de los seis Leopard 2A4 entregados por España a Ucrania, pero por fin llegó ese día.

An excellent series of photographs of Leopard 2A4 tanks already on Ukrainian soil
The details that will allow distinguishing the Leopard 2A4s donated by Spain to Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today published a spectacular video to encourage enlistment. In the video we can see some of the military materials donated by NATO countries to Ukraine: Leopard 2A4 tanks, Oshkosh L-ATV armored vehicles, M-777 howitzers and M-142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. The video, of cinematographic quality, has been produced by the production company FILM.UA Group and directed by Maxim Smetana:

The images of the tanks that appear in the video appear to have been recorded in the same place as the photos of Serhiy Mykhalchuk that we saw this Wednesday. In those photos, as I already pointed out here, Leopard 2A4s delivered by Canada and Poland appeared. I took it for granted that I would not see one of the Leopard 2A4s delivered by Spain in this video either, until at point 0:09 of the video a smile came to my face when I saw this:

We see three Leopard 2A4 tanks in this image. The one in the back looks like the one we saw the other day with a flag (apparently one of the ones delivered by Canada). But the tank pictured here has the same olive green uniform scheme as the six Leopard 2A4 delivered by Spain and which arrived in Poland at the end of April. The tank on the left (only a corner is visible) appears to be painted the same color, a slightly light olive green. Let's remember how they were painted before being sent to Ukraine:

I have carefully reviewed the photo and it matches the Spanish Leopard 2A4. March 23 we saw here the details that would allow us to distinguish the tanks delivered by Spain from the Leopard 2A4 delivered by other countries. As I told you then, there are only two other countries that delivered their tanks painted in olive green: Canada and Norway. Polish Leopard 2A4s wore the three-color NATO camouflage, while Finnish tanks wore their country's camouflage (also three colors).

There is a feature that easily distinguishes the Spanish Leopard 2A4 from those delivered by Canada and Norway: Spanish tanks do not have added compartments at the rear of the turret, while Canadian and Norwegian tanks do. they take them. And as you can see in the image above these lines, that Ukrainian tank doesn't have them. I am 100% sure that we are looking at one of the tanks delivered by Spain.

In the video there are more sequences of the Leopard 2A4 , but due to the lighting, it is not easy to distinguish if it is the Spanish tanks. However, at 0:49 of the video we see them again (on these lines). The tank on the right is one of those donated by Spain and the one in the center seems to be one of them as well (although I'm not so sure about this one anymore). The tank on the left is not one of the Spanish (at least this is indicated by the rings on the lower front of the barge: the Spanish do not).

Otherwise, what is recited in the video is titled "Prayer for the Liberation of Ukraine", and is based on a prayer written by Osyp Mashchak in the 1920s. The prayer reads as follows :

Ukraine, Motherland,
Lord, Our Heavenly Father,
Bless us!

I will destroy
The enemies of the Fatherland,
The murderers of my brothers
The rapists of my sisters.

May my hand be firm,
To kill the enemies!
Let my eye be clear
To kill the enemies!
May my gun be in good condition
To kill the enemies!
May my will be made of steel
To kill the enemies!

Ukraine, Motherland,
Lord, Our Heavenly Father,
Bless us!

Our decisive attack!
Our holy revenge!
Our holy victory!

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