Socialists and communists are degrading democracy as in Venezuela

The left leads Spain to the third world: we need something more than a change of acronyms

The campaign for the local and regional elections on May 28 has closed in Spain with an explosion of scandals.

Vote buying, assault, harassment, kidnapping... The scandals of the Socialist Party in Spain
An insult to democracy: robbing people to buy their votes with the stolen money

In a few days, the PSOE, the party to which the Prime Minister belongs, has been dotted with crimes of buying votes, assault, harassment and kidnapping. And the most astonishing thing is that in the face of this cascade of scandals, Pedro Sánchez has not made a single self-criticism, nor has he done so with any of the other scandals that have affected his government in these last years. For him, the fault always rests with others, even when the one who sinks in the muck is his party due to the actions of his own leaders and candidates.

The socialists of the PSOE, their communist government partners of Podemos and their pro-ETA and separatist parliamentary partners are leading Spain not only to economic but also political Third Worldism. It is not enough for them to be squandering public money, frying us with taxes and applying recipes that result in more unemployment and poverty, but they have also directed a large part of their efforts to degrade democratic institutions, assaulting judicial independence and discrediting our democracy, to the point of turning elections into an embarrassing spectacle.

Five years after Pedro Sánchez came to power, Spain is increasingly resembling the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela: a country in which political power, in the hands of the left, is believed by above the laws, who considers their wishes to be above all else and who acts as if being accountable to Parliament is a nuisance, seizing the opportunity to stage a rally without bothering to answer nothing of what the opposition asks.

But let us be disappointed: changing Sánchez is not enough. We are not only facing a problem caused by a lousy president of the government. A change of acronym is not enough either, as if putting another party in the place of the PSOE and Podemos was the guarantee that things will improve. A deeper change is needed, a change of ideas is needed that leads us to banish the absurd idea that the left is morally superior, that its ideas are better and that it does what it always does a good intention must be assumed.

It is an absurd idea that has been assumed even by part of the opposition. The Popular Party has been letting itself be ideologically dragged by the left for years , carried away by that inferiority complex that considers that the right should limit itself to assuming all the occurrences of the left one by one, out of fear to be branded as "retrograde" or even "fascist". It is this inferiority complex that has given us ideological hegemony to a shameless and unscrupulous left.

In Spain there is only one party willing to tear down this inferiority complex. There is only one party that refuses to bow its head before the dogmas of the left, and that dares to replicate the socialist and communist nonsense without any hesitation: that party is Vox. Believing that the solution to the PSOE's socialism is to give the PP a vote, which is what some continue to believe, is nothing more than voting for socialism five or ten years late, which is how long it usually takes for the PP to assume the dogmas of the left. Voting for the PP has so far not served to repeal a single one of the ideological laws of the left: it is a useless vote. Or rather: it is only a useful vote for the left.


Photo: Efe. Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior, with Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, in the Congress of Deputies.

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