Some impressive images recorded at RAF Lakenheath, England

The massive takeoff of 12 F-35A fighters of the US Air Force from the United Kingdom

The unstable situation created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is leading NATO forces to increase their training.

Six impressive quick climbs of USAF F-35A Lightning II fighters
The rare taxi of F-15E strike fighters at high speed and with afterburners

As far as air forces are concerned, this means deployments like the ones we've been seeing lately, from NATO air policing operations in Eastern European countries, to increased activity at European airbases. An example of this is impressive images of the British base at RAF Lakenheath, in the east of England, published today by Ted Coningsby (the famous aviator teddy bear who managed to fly in a Eurofighter and with the Red Arrows).

In the video we can see 12 F-35 fighters from the United States Air Force making a massive takeoff. The planes belong to the 493rd Fighter Squadron "Grim Reapers" (who retired their F-15C/D Eagle last year) and the 495th Fighter Squadron "Valkyries" (founded in 1941, deactivated in 1991 and reactivated in October 2021, being the first USAF overseas squadron equipped with the F-35A).

The video begins with what looks like the typical "elephant walk" that different USAF units usually do, with an impressive line of F-35As taxiing around the runways at RAF Lakenheath.

Next, the planes line up next to the runway, to start the takeoff sequence.

And finally the show begins, with the planes taking off one after the other. As Ted points out, he had never seen a massive takeoff of 12 F-35As.

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