A powerful 'secret weapon' that is located in the ship's aircraft hangar

The Spanish invention that the 'Patiño' carries and that you will not see on ships of other navies

At the end of May, the Combat Supply Ship (BAC) "Patiño" A-14 of the Spanish Navy called at the Port of Vigo.

The greetings left by other ships in the BAC 'Patiño' A-14 of the Spanish Navy
The beautiful images of the arrival of the Spanish Navy training ship in New York

I had the opportunity to visit him. I already showed you here the photos I took of the memories that their hoses carry of each supply they have made from an allied ship.

The "Patiño", like other ships of the Spanish Navy, has some details that you will not see in other navies. And I am not referring to the naval jack that you can see here, nor to the Spanish flag that flies on the ship (the most beautiful flag in the world, to be honest).

I found this genuinely Spanish artifact in the aircraft hangar, specifically in the starboard half. It is a formidable national invention that is an excellent weapon to kill boredom...

A futbolín! On ships of other navies they carry sophisticated gymnastics equipment. "Patiño" has this beautiful table football, a Spanish invention, the work of Galician Alexandre Campos Ramírez, by the way.

The US Navy will have large aircraft carriers, but it doesn't have table football. Neither table football, nor potato omelettes nor paella. There is nothing like Spain and the Spanish Armada in the world. And whoever thinks otherwise will have to defend it with a good little game of table football. 🙂

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