Without the important work of these soldiers, the Army could not function

The other green berets: the unknown work behind Spanish Armed Forces Day

When talking about defense issues, attention is almost always focused on units that are aimed at combat missions.

The video and a series of photos of the Spanish Armed Forces Day 2023 parade
The moments of the Armed Forces Day of Spain that are not usually seen on television

However, the work of these units would be impossible without other auxiliary units that support their activity by providing food, lodging, cleaning, clothing, medical assistance, supplies, maintenance, and transportation. This is the extremely important task carried out by the different Logistics Support Groups (AALOG) of the Army, framed in the Logistics Brigade (BRILOG). One of these units is the Logistic Support Group nº21 ( AALOG 21), based in Seville and which has a Transport Unit and a Workshop Unit in Granada, as well as detachments in Córdoba and Almeria.

The soldiers of the logistics units are the other "green berets" of the Army , since their distinctive garments are light green, to differentiate them from the medium green berets of the mountain units. and the olive green berets of the special operations units. AALOG 21 played a very important role in the last Day of the Armed Forces, as it took care of providing lodging, food and toilets to 1,000 soldiers who traveled to Granda to participate in the parade before H.M. the King. In this work it had the support of the Engineer Specialty Regiment No. 11 (REI 11) and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) .

AALOG 21 was in charge of setting up a military camp at the Armilla Trade Fair (FERMASA), with bedrooms, a dining room, a canteen, and containers to store weapons. It should be noted that in this logistics work, the Spanish Armed Forces demonstrate a very high level, which means that its members have a great preparation and are in high demand in logistics companies in civilian life.

The Defense General Staff has published a video today showing what the work of AALOG 21 was like, a job that was hidden behind the parades and of which, as always happens with logistical work, hardly any speaks (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

It should also be noted that after carrying out this excellent work, a few days ago AALOG 21 deployed 24 soldiers to Latvia, part of the Logistics Unit of the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) XIII contingent . Four of the deployed soldiers belong to Transport Group III/21 based in Grenada. They will be deployed in that Baltic republic for six months.


Main photo: Ejército de Tierra. Resto de las fotos: Estado Mayor de la Defensa.

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