Photos have also been published that allow to see its deployed masts

The spectacular video of the Spanish submarine 'Isaac Peral' emerging near Cartagena

The new "Isaac Peral" S-81 submarine, the first of its kind, continues its sea trials ahead of its next delivery to the Spanish Navy.

Video and details of the first static immersion of the Spanish submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81
The 'Isaac Peral' S-81 sails for the first time with another Spanish Navy submarine

This week, the Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Navy have published new images of this submarine. On Tuesday, the Ministry showed images in which we see the submarine in surface navigation and with the periscope and masts deployed on its sail.

The detail of the masts and the periscope is especially interesting: we see at least half a dozen masts deployed, for different abort systems.

The following photo shows the particular camouflage of the masts so that they are less visible when surfacing, a camouflage that slightly evokes the disruptive camouflage used by warships during the two world wars, the famous "Dazzle" camouflage invented by the British Norman Wilkinson during the First World War.

In addition, this Thursday the Navy published this photo of Ship Lieutenant Pablo Álvarez Llaneza at the beginning of the navigation tests at periscopic level of the S-81. In the image we see, in the upper part of the sail, the two gates that protect the bridge when the ship is submerged.

But the most spectacular images of this week on the S-81 were published last night, around 10:00 p.m., by Navantia, the state company that has built this ship. In the 39-second video we can see the "Isaac Peral" emerging rapidly in waters near Cartagena:

The video does not appear to be in fast motion. The submarine only took 17 seconds to go from periscopic height to surface navigation.

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