The new Spanish submarine is doing its sea trials in Cartagena

The 'Isaac Peral' S-81 sails for the first time with another Spanish Navy submarine

The sea trials of the new submarine "Isaac Peral" of the Spanish Navy have today left a beautiful image together with the submarine "Tramontana" S-74.

The first exit to the sea of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 of the Spanish Navy
A report showing what life is like aboard a Spanish Navy submarine

As reported by the Spanish Navy this afternoon, this first joint navigation of both submarines is a "historic moment that guarantees the relief and improvement in the capabilities" of the Spanish naval force.

The Spanish Navy has also published three photos of this moment. In the one that heads this entry we see the "Tramontana" in the foreground and the "Isaac Peral" in the background. In the background on the left is another Navy ship, the Salvage Ship "Neptuno" (A-20), which is based at the Algameca Naval Station, in Cartagena.

In the photo that you can see on these lines appears the "Isaac Peral" in the foreground, with all the masts raised in its sail, and in the background the "Tramontana".

Another image of both submarines, in this case with the "Isaac Peral" on the left and the "Tramontana" on the right. The S-74 is a "Galerna" class submarine launched in 1984. The Spanish Navy currently has another ship of this class in service, the "Galerna", launched in 1981.

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