It was recorded on board the "Mistral" before being decommissioned in 2021

A report showing what life is like aboard a Spanish Navy submarine

Within each naval force, submariners are a very special class of sailor due to the harshness that life aboard a submarine entails.

The first exit to the sea of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 of the Spanish Navy
The visit to Vigo of the patrol vessel LÉ William Butler Yeats of the Irish Naval Service

Today NATO has published an interesting video that shows us what life is like aboard the submarines of the Spanish Navy, its challenges, routines, difficulties and traditions. The report was recorded on the "Mistral" S-73 submarine, of the "Galerna" class, before being decommissioned in February 2021. Currently, two other ships of the same class are still active in the Spanish Navy: the "Galerna" S-71 (launched in 1981) and the "Tramontana" S-74 (launched in 1984).

As of 2023, a new class of submarines will progressively replace the "Galerna" class ships in the Spanish Navy: the "Isaac Peral" class, which will be made up of four ships: the "Isaac Peral" S-81 (which has just started its sea trials), the "Narciso Monturiol" S-82, the "Cosme García" S-83 and the "Mateo García de los Reyes" S-84.


Photo: Spanish Navy

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