The Czech plane made a 'dump and burn' of fuel during the flight

The spectacular and flaming exhibition of a JAS-39C Gripen fighter of the Czech Air Force

One of the most advanced fighters on the market is the Swedish Saab JAS-39 Gripen, an excellent aircraft used by two NATO air forces.

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The impressive 'dump and burn' of a Hungarian JAS-39C Gripen fighter at RAF Fairford

One of them is the Czech Air Force, which has 14 JAS-39s (12 JAS-39C single-seaters and two JAS-39D two-seaters) stationed in its 211 Taktická Letka (211th Tactical Squadron). One of their JAS-39Cs, 9242 (cn 39-242), was at The Royal International Ait Tattoo, at RAF Fairford, England, last weekend and offered an excellent aerial display that included a "dump and burn", a maneuver that consists of unloading fuel from the plane's tanks and setting it on fire with the afterburning of the reactor. You can see here the video published by Tonkatsu298 about this exhibition:

And here is the video shot by Elwyn R:

Here you can see some screenshots from the video of Tonkatsu298, in 4K quality and including shots with a lot of zoom, like this image of the JAS-39C folding its gear after takeoff.

Here we see a pass of the Czech fighter at very low speed, showing the beautiful lines of the Gripen.

This is the "dump and burn" moment, during which the Czech fighter fired two flares from its nozzle.

To complete the show, the Czech Gripen made a crosswind landing, with the plane diagonal to the runway.

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