The pilot of the aircraft defected after a Ukrainian intelligence operation

This was the capture by Ukraine of the '62 Red', a Russian helicopter Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator

The Russian Air Force has suffered a new humiliation by Ukraine, after an intelligence operation that has become known today.

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This afternoon, the Ukrainian daily Ukrainska Pravda has released images of the capture of a Russian Mil Mi-8, as a result of "a long-lasting special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine " (GUR). This operation, which lasted six months, managed to attract the pilot of an Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator assault helicopter, a modern variant of the already veteran Mi-8 that entered service with the Russian Air Force in 2009.

The Mil Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator "62 Red", the helicopter captured in this operation, in a photo taken at a Russian airbase (Photo:

Within the framework of this intelligence operation, the GUR took the family of the pilot of the Mi-8 AMTSh out of Russia, placing them safely in Ukraine. The Russian aviator took advantage of a flight between two air bases to divert the helicopter towards northern Ukraine, specifically towards the Kharkiv region. Ukrainska Pravda has noted that the captured helicopter is already in kyiv. In addition to the pilot, the helicopter was accompanied by two other crew members who did not know anything about their partner's desertion, and who were allegedly shot down by GUR agents upon arrival in Ukraine.

Photo of "Red 62" after its capture by members of the Ukrainian GUR (Photo: Українська правда).

In addition to the capture of this assault helicopter, the GUR has captured spare parts for Russian Su-27 and Su-30SM fighters that the aircraft had on board, in order to take them to a second base Russian air. Ukraine uses the Su-27 fighter, so the parts will be useful.

Ukrainian digital daily has published today that the captured helicopter has the number RF-04428 and the callsign "62 Red". This Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator is part of the 2nd Helicopter Squadron of the 337th Independent Helicopter Regiment (Military Unit 12739), based at Tolmachevo airport. It is the first time that Ukraine has captured a Russian military helicopter intact thanks to a defection.

The box of the DMR-400T device carried by the helicopter (Photo: Українська правда).

Also, notes that in addition to fighter spare parts, the helicopter was carrying a DMR-400T device, "designed to run on generators and starting generators of direct current with a voltage of 28.5 V and a power of up to 12 kW". The Indian company Indesys cites this device among the electrical equipment of the BMP-2, an infantry fighting vehicle of Soviet origin used, among other countries, by Russia and Ukraine.

One of the objects found inside the captured helicopter, labeled "MTK-50" (Photo: Українська правда).

In April 2022, Ukraine put a price on Russian weapons, offering money to the soldiers of the invading army who deserted with aircraft, vehicles and boats. Ukraine offered $500,000 for each helicopter. In October 2022, three Russian servicemen defected with a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, receiving $30,000 for it and another $5,000 for turning it in in good state.

This noon, a Russian propaganda channel confirmed the capture of the helicopter, but indicating that the aircraft landed near Poltava, in the region of the same name. This same source tries to downplay the capture by pointing out that the helicopter's hydraulic system was damaged. Something that, of course, can be repaired.


Main photo: Ministry of Defense of Russia.

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