The Spanish Army and the Spanish Air Force paraded this Saturday in Riga

The Spanish fighters and ground forces in a military parade in Latvia

Every year, Latvians celebrate the Day of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia on November 18, the anniversary of its independence in 1918.

The Spanish Army wins an international main battle tanks competition in Latvia
These are the five smallest armies in the NATO, two of them in a zone of high tension

This day is celebrated annually in Riga with a military parade in which foreign NATO contingents deployed in that country participate. The Spanish Army has been participating in these parades for years, due to its deployment at the Adazi military base, in Latvia, within the framework of NATO's eFP mission.

This year, however, Spanish participation has been double, since in addition to soldiers from the Spanish eFP XIII contingent of the Spanish Army, two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft from the 11th Wing of the Spanish Air Force, currently deployed in Estonia with the Amber Detachment have also participated in the air parade over Riga.

You can see here the broadcast of the parade made this afternoon by Latvian Television The Spanish soldiers appear at point 37:50 (Flag and escort), just before the US and Ukrainian soldiers, at 50 :45 (a formation of members of the eFP XIII contingent), 1:02:36 (Leopard 2E battle tank and ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle). The video is in Latvian and unfortunately does not have subtitles:

You can see below a selection of the photos of this parade published by the Latvian Army< /a>.

An honor guard of the Latvian Army, with the red and white flag of this country on their bayonets.

A Latvian soldier with a ribbon with the national colors in her braid. The mimetic pattern of her uniform is the WoodLatpat, introduced in the Latvian Armed Forces in 2020, replacing the LATPAT pixelated camouflage.

Patria 6×6 armored transport vehicles of the Latvian Army. Latvia has fifty of these vehicles, which are in the process of being delivered (the country has acquired a total of 200).

Slovenian and Spanish soldiers carrying their National Flags in the parade.

The Flag of Spain has been escorted by Spanish artillerymen. Soldiers from the United States and Ukraine paraded behind them.

A Spanish soldier from the Army of Engineers during the parade in Riga.

Two Spanish engineers in the parade, next to the National Flag.

A Spanish Leopard 2E battle tank in the parade in Riga, with personnel from the Brigade "Guadarrama" XII.

A Spanish ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle in the moments before the parade. In front of him we see an Italian Centauro combat reconnaissance vehicle, and behind him a Polish PT-91 Twardy tank.

A Spanish ASCOD Pizarro in the parade. On the right we see an Italian C1 Ariete battle tank.

The crew members of the Spanish ASCOD Pizarro saluting as they passed by the authorities' tribune.

An Airbus A220-300 of the Latvian airline Air Baltic (the YL-CSL) at the air parade. It was escorted by four Eurofighter Typhoons. The two on the left are Italian and the two on the right are Spanish, 11-33 (C.16-33) and 11-52 (C.16-52).

The Latvian A220 alongside the Spanish Eurofighters. Eight of these Spanish fighters are currently deployed in Estonia on a NATO Baltic Air Police (BAP) mission, along with an A400M Atlas tanker aircraft from the 31st Wing .

An enlargement of the previous photo, in which we see the two Spanish Eurofighters, 11-33 (C.16-33, left) and 11-52 (C.16-52, right ).

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