An interesting video from the Troop Training Center No. 2 of San Fernando

This is the first day as soldiers of the young people who join the Spanish Army

Serving Spain in the Armed Forces is a noble profession in which tens of thousands of men and women are engaged today.

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The first day of that profession begins in one of the two Troop Training Centers (CEFOT) of the Army, No. 1 (located at Camp Santa Ana, in Cáceres) and No. 2 (in the Camposoto Barracks, in San Fernando, Cádiz). The service to Spain of these young people begins with a period of reception, orientation and adaptation to military life that lasts two weeks, in which the new soldiers learn basic aspects such as formation, know their basic equipment , the place where they are going to stay, etc.

"This initial phase is critical and there are many casualties of students who have not been able to adapt to the military lifestyle and the demanding discipline prevailing in the Armed Forces", points out the Army. Those who pass this period go on to a second phase of general military training (FFMG). Today the Army has published an interesting video in which it shows us that first day of a soldier, specifically at CEFOT No. 2 in San Fernando:

In the video we see typical images of that adaptation period, such as the haircut (only for boys). It would have been nice how they teach girls to do their buns.

We also see the moment when they debut their uniforms, with the M09 Ejército wooded pixelated pattern.

And we also see the moment in which they learn to do it correctly the military salute, a gesture that will accompany them throughout their military life.

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