The recordings of the Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity and Perseverance rovers

The landscapes of the planet Mars that were captured by four NASA vehicles

Beyond the Moon, the planet Mars appears as a priority objective for exploration and as a future destination for a manned voyage.

A visual tour of the surface of Mars and what the geography of this planet indicates
Phaethon, the hypothetical fifth planet that has never been found between Mars and Jupiter

In October we saw here a tour of the surface of Mars seen from space, observing the traces that tell us what that planet was like in the remote past. Mars is famous for its reddish color seen from space, a characteristic that derives from the abundant presence of iron oxide on its surface, but seen from its surface, its arid landscapes that have a great resemblance to some desert places on Earth.

Two weeks ago, ElderFox Documentaries published an interesting 4K video compiling images captured by four rover vehicles sent by NASA: Spirit (which landed on Mars in 2004), Opportunity (twin of the previous one, also 2004), Curiosity (2012) and Perseverance (2021). Some images of great beauty and that should serve as a stimulus for future missions to that planet:

You can see below some of the landscapes that appear in the video:

Yellowknife Bay, in Gale Crater, which was visited by the Curiosity rover.

Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons), visited by the Curiosity rover (we see part of the vehicle below on the right).

The Victoria Crater, on the plain known as Meridiani Planum. It was visited by the Opportunity rover.

Cape Verde, in the Victoria Crater, visited by the Opportunity rover.

The Santa Maria crater, visited by the Opportunity rover.

The Namib dune, seen by the Curiosity rover.

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