The Jinzhou 701 locomotive and rolling stock factory, now abandoned

A colossal secret military railway facility in the heart of a Chinese mountain

During the Cold War, the communist bloc ended up divided into two sides after the death of Soviet dictator Stalin in 1953.

Some abandoned steam locomotives that were waiting for a nuclear war
The Railway of Death: the ruins of a Soviet secret that cost thousands of lives

The communist dictatorship of Mao Tse-Tung in China, a former ally of Stalin, reacted very negatively to the de-Stalinization policy initiated by Nikita Khrushchev in 1956. In the following years, the USSR and the Communist China began to clash politically over various issues, such as Moscow's criticism of the Stalinism of Enver Hoxha's Albania (supported by Mao) in 1961, the outcome of the Cuban missile crisis. strong> in October 1962 (which communist China interpreted as a gesture of weakness by the USSR towards the US) and the war between China and India in November 1962, in which Moscow distanced itself from Beijing.

After the political breakup, the two great communist dictatorships went on to the brief armed confrontation in 1969 for control of the island of Zhenbao, in the Ussuri River, located on the border between both countries. The possibility of a war between both communist powers became very real. It was precisely at that time that communist China began the construction of a colossal secret military installation in the heart of a mountain, known by the official name of Jinzhou 701 Rolling Stock and Locomotive Factory, located in northeastern China. Its purpose was to build and repair locomotives and other railway rolling stock used for military purposes, in a place protected from possible Soviet bombing.

The channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path has managed to enter that factory, pointing out that it was < strong>inaugurated in 1972 and declassified in the 1980s, being closed and abandoned in 2008:

In the video we can see an abandoned locomotive inside the old factory. It is the JS 8162 locomotive, of the JS class. It was owned by this factory and in this video published by Berni Hasgen in 2017 we can see it when it was still in operation:

You can see here some screenshots from the interesting Exploring the Unbeaten Path video. Here we see one of the entrance tunnels of this enormous underground factory.

One of the old locomotive maintenance workshops. In the image you can see several abandoned axles. You can see many more in the video.

In this facility there is a lot of abandoned heavy machinery. A curious fog is also observed in the tunnels, caused by the intense humidity and cold of these underground facilities.

The steam locomotive JS 8162, abandoned inside this factory. It is complete, but in very poor condition, due to the humidity of the place, as you can see in the video.

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