About the images of an attack on an Oliver Hazard Perry-class ship

Yemen's alleged attack on an Israeli frigate, a country whose Navy does not have frigates

A casualty of all wars is the truth, and the war launched by Hamas terrorists against Israel is no exception.

The weapons that the Israel Defense Forces have to wipe Hamas off the map
The impact of three anti-ship missiles on an American frigate in the Pacific Ocean

In the last few hours, Airto Cortez, a propagandist for the Venezuelan dictatorship (a regime related to Palestinian terrorism) published a curious video with the following text: "Yemen giving a dose to an Israeli military ship." In the video, which has gone viral on Twitter, where it has more than 70,000 views (you can see it below these lines), a warship appears suffering strong impacts from several missiles:

In the video how the ship receives an impact on the starboard side, very close to the bridge:

Finally, and after more impacts, the ship is engulfed in a cloud of smoke:

Although the video is of poor quality, serious damage can be seen on the ship's superstructure:

Naval fans will have already noticed, as its shape is easy to recognize, that it is an Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, a US-made ship of which 71 units were built in total between 1974 and 2004. It was exported to several countries and Spain built six frigates based on that model, those of the Santa María-class, which are still in service.

The curious thing about the case is that the Israeli Navy does not have this type of frigates nor has it had them at any time. The only frigates that the Israeli Navy has had were three River class ships, launched in World War II and purchased by Israel in the years following its independence. Those three frigates were decommissioned in the 1980s. The largest warships Israel has today are six corvettes.

Obviously, the tweet published by Airto Cortez is a hoax. In fact, it is an easy hoax to debunk, not only because Israel does not have frigates, but also because they are images of the former American frigate USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) being used as a naval target during the RIMPAC 2022 exercise, as we saw here last year. Then I published this video from Naval News in which the same images that we see in the video of Airto Cortez, along with other images taken aboard the corvette KD Lekir (F-26) of the Royal Malaysian Navy, one of the ships that opened fire on that old frigate:

You can see more images of this naval exercise at this video published by War Zone:

It must be said that it is not the first hoax that appears with the images of that naval exercise. On October 25, a website Iranian claimed that the video showed an attack by Palestinian Hezbollah terrorists against a US warship.

That same day, a Twitter account supporting Palestine stated thatthat the ship attacked was the "battleship" USS Carney and that the attackers would have been the Houthis of Ansar Allah. It is clear that these propagandists do not know much about military issues, because the USS Carney is not a battleship, but an Arleigh Burke class destroyer, and at no time has it been hit by Houthi attacks .

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