This unit is one of the best special operations forces in the world

The impressive video of the assault by the Israeli special unit Yamam on a Hamas redoubt

In addition to the units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), police forces also participate in the Israeli offensive against Hamas.

The successful rescue of hostages by the Shayetet 13, the special force of the Israeli Navy
The weapons that the Israel Defense Forces have to wipe Hamas off the map

One of them is the Special Central Unit (known as Yamam, from its Hebrew acronym, YMM) was founded in 1974 as an elite police force specialized in counterterrorism and hostage release. It is part of the Israel Police, which also has three other special units: the Yamas, the Samag and the Matilan.

The Yamam was founded after the Ma'alot massacre on May 14 and 15, 1974, in which three terrorists from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP, a communist terrorist group) perpetrated a kidnapping of 115 Israeli citizens at the Netiv Meir primary school: 105 of those kidnapped were children. During the rescue operation carried out by Sayeret Matkal, the famous special operations unit of the IDF, terrorists murdered 25 hostages, 22 of them children.

Due to the nature of its work, most of the Yamam's missions are secret, but its successes in rescuing hostages at the hands of Palestinian terrorists have earned it great prestige among the already in itself excellent special units of Israel, currently being considered as one of the best elite groups in the world, at the level of the DEVGRU of the United States Navy.

Its members come mainly from the special operations units of the IDF and to be admitted to the Yamam they must pass a rigorous selection process, considered among the most demanding internationally. Among their ranks are some of Israel's best precision shooters.

This Saturday, the IDF reported a Yamam operation in Jabalia, in northern Gaza, against a stronghold of Hamas terrorists: "the fighters of the Yamam unit received information about the presence of terrorists at targets in the area and about their preparations to fire on our forces. They carried out selective raids inside the terrorist targets and detected suspicious movements in one of the buildings."

The IDF has released a video of the Yamam assault on a Hamas stronghold. Very rarely is there a chance to see a special unit of this category in real action:

You can see some screenshots from the video here, with some comments about what we see in them:

A Yamam operator firing his 5.56 mm IWI Arad carbine against the interior of the Hamas redoubt, at the beginning of the assault. The uniforms are olive green, like those of the IDF.

Several Yamam operators at the entrance to the Hamas redoubt. The operator on the right carries an IWI Negev SF "Commando" 5.56 mm light machine gun. One of the operators we see in the background carries an M-203 grenade launcher on his assault rifle.

The explosion of a stun grenade thrown by a member of the Yamam inside the Hamas stronghold. We see in the foreground an operator with an IWI Negev SF "Commando" machine gun.

The assault on the redoubt. We see up above two M-4A1 carbines of 5.56 mm caliber. Next to the door is an operator with an IWI Arad carbine.

The walls inside the redoubt are proof of the intensity of the combat, as they are completely riddled with bullet holes. In the video, the bodies of the killed terrorists appear out of focus.


Photos: Israel Police.

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