NATO maneuvers held at the Ādaži training ground, in Latvia

Ares Strike, some excellent photos of the Spanish Army published by the Latvian Army

I have already commented on some occasion that the Latvian Army has some excellent COMCAM (combat cameras) among its ranks.

The Spanish Army wins an international main battle tanks competition in Latvia
The Spanish fighters and ground forces in a military parade in Latvia

These COMCAMs are professional photographers in civilian life, and in their Army they contribute their talent to the dissemination of military activity through photographs and videos. One of those COMCAMs, Sergeant Ēriks Kukutis, is the author of an excellent series of photos published by the Latvian Army last week, showing the NATO Ares Strike exercise at the Ādaži maneuvering range, in Latvia, where a Spanish contingent is deployed within the framework of the mission eFP of the Atlantic Alliance.

Many of the photos show armored vehicles and soldiers of the Spanish Army (currently mainly personnel from the "Aragón" I Brigade are deployed there), as well as troops from the armies of Canada, the United States, Italy, Latvia and Poland. You can see here a selection of those photos of Spanish soldiers. We start with photos of the Leopard 2E battle tanks:

In the following photo we see a Spanish Leopard 2E next to a PT-91 Twardy tank of the Polish Army:

Here are several photos of ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles:

Below these lines, an M-113 VCZ sapper vehicle:

I have left the most important thing for last: our faithful Infantry.

Congratulations to Sergeant Kukutis for these excellent photos.

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