Its owner died in 2004 and the house is suffering the effects of abandonment

The house where a man lived alone for 60 years in the middle of a forest in Sweden

The trend in society, for decades, has been towards the abandonment of life in the countryside and an incessant exodus towards the cities.

The beautiful Spanish castle of Paronella that was built by hand in Australia
Exploring one of the torfbæir, the turf houses of Iceland, abandoned since 1986

However, there are people who, for whatever reasons, prefer to live in solitude, in isolated places and away from the noise of big cities. An example of this was Mr. Loow, who died in 2004 and for 60 years lived in a small isolated house in a forest in Sweden, where from time to time some acquaintances from the town would visit him. -where he came very close- mainly to check that he was still alive. If the information is accurate, this house has existed, at least, since the years of World War II.

Recently Bros Of Decay showed this house in an interesting video in which it shows its surroundings and its interior:

You can see some screenshots from the video here. The house in which that man lived is not the only construction in this forest. On the left we can see a shed and a toilet.

The house is made of wood. It should have been well cared for, but the two decades of abandonment are noticeable.

A wood stove inside the house. It is from the Husqvarna brand, a company that began manufacturing muskets for the Swedish Army.

Mr. Loow's old car. It is a 1957 Opel Rekord P1. As you can see, it has been abandoned for so many years that a tree has grown in the engine hole.

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