A walk through the largest private military museum in the Czech Republic

A museum with military vehicles from the WWII and the Cold War in the Czech city of Rokycany

The end of World War II came with the liberation of Czechoslovakia, until then occupied by Nazi Germany.

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Czechoslovakia's dream of freedom was short-lived: the Communist Party carried out a coup d'état in 1948 and took power with the support of the USSR, for fear of the result of the elections called in the country for that year. A communist dictatorship then began that would fall in 1989. During those years, Czechoslovakia - which already had an important military industry before the war - continued to manufacture some German weapons that were made there during the years. of the occupation(including a Czech version of the Me-262 jet fighter).

Subsequently, the army of communist Czechoslovakia adopted the characteristics of other armies of the Warsaw Pact, the rival organization to NATO created by the USSR in 1955. Today, that varied military history can be seen in the Demarcation Line Museum in Rokycany, the largest military private museum in the Czech Republic, which displays vehicles from the Second World War and the Cold War, as well as some replicas of Nazi Germany tanks made on Soviet vehicles. You can see below some of the vehicles exhibited in this museum.

A German Jagdpanther tank destroyer and a Soviet T-34 tank from World War II.

A replica of a German Tiger tank made from a Soviet T-34 tank.

American GMC CCKW trucks from World War II.

Two Soviet T-34 tanks from World War II.

A Ford F8 CMP truck with Type 11 cab (left) and a Ford F15, used by the British Army in World War II.

A replica of a German Panzer III tank made on a Soviet BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle (left) and a replica of a German Panther tank made on a Soviet T-55 tank.

Two US Army Dodge T214-WC51 trucks.

Several Czech trucks of the Tatra brand, a national company.

In addition to ground vehicles, the museum also has a couple of aircraft: an American P-51 Mustang and a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk used by the Soviets, which we see in this photo.

Paradoxically, the museum exhibits models of vehicles that Russia is still using in the invasion of Ukraine, such as these Soviet T-72 (left) and T-55 tanks.

You can see more content from this museum in this video by Petr Stola:


Photos: Vojenské Muzeum Rokycany.

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