This aircraft was purchased in 1996 to Israel, where IAI added ELINT equipment

The engines of the Spanish spy plane 'Reina del Espectro' that will be exhibited in Madrid

The Spanish Air Force had a fleet of four Boeing 707s, used for different missions and now retired from service.

The last trip by road of the third Boeing 707 of the Spanish Air Force
TM.11 Brujo, the Spanish Falcon military plane whose mission was not to transport politicians

A few days ago we talked here about the T.17-3, which is currently on display in Fuenlabrada. This Friday, Fly By Wire Aviation released a video of the fourth 707 of the Spanish Air Force, the TM.17-4, which will soon be exhibited at the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum, in Madrid. The video shows the Pratt & Whitney JT3D-7 turbofan engines of this plane and its landing gear:

The TM.17-4 was the least known and the most valuable of the four Boeing 707s of the Air Force. Unlike the other three aircraft of this type, the plane was decorated with a discreet color gray, a paint scheme that was also eventually applied to the T.17-1. Its construction number was 19164 and it was a Boeing 707-351C built in 1966.

The TM.17-4 in a photo taken on October 12, 2010 (Photo: Carlos Menendez San Juan).

According to, its first operator was the American company Northwest Airlines, with registration N366US. In 1973 it was acquired by the Greek airline Olympic Airways, receiving the registration SX-DBO. In 1989 it passed into the hands of Phoenix Aviation and in 1990 it was acquired by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), which added electronic intelligence (ELINT) equipment, turning it into a demonstration spy plane (Israel has a extensive experience in equipment for aircraft dedicated to intelligence missions).

The TM.17-4 in a photo taken in 2010 (Photo: Ejército del Aire).

In March 1996 the plane was sold to Spain, initially receiving the military registration T.17-4 and the number 408-21. Later, he received the registration TM-17-4 and the number 47-04, corresponding to the now disappeared 47 Mixed Air Force Group, a unit in which he coincided with el TM. 11 Witch we talk about here.

Unlike the other Spanish 707s, the TM.17-4 was painted with a discreet gray scheme very appropriate for its missions (Photo: Carlos Menendez San Juan).

In the Air Force, the TM.17-4 developed intelligence collection missions of various types: electronic (ELINT), electro-optical (EOPINT) and communications (COMINT), being a very valuable asset for the Armed Forces Intelligence Center (CIFAS). Due to the nature of its missions, this 707 was nicknamed the "Reina del Espectro" (Queen of the Spectrum) Its last flight was on July 17, 2014. It has remained for years at the Getafe Air Base, with its intelligence equipment removed.

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