Spain has already signed the acquisition of 27 aircraft and 9 command posts

SIRTAP, the unmanned aircraft developed by Spain and Colombia for military purposes

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also called drones, are becoming increasingly important in the defense field.

Spain will have its first unmanned aerial vehicles armed with Hellfire missiles
The defenders of the skies of Spain: this is the fleet of aircraft of the Spanish Air Force

Today there are various drone projects of various sizes in the development process. One of these projects is SIRTAP, developed jointly by Spain and Colombia as a collaboration between Airbus Defense & Space Spain (which assumes 70% of the program) and the Colombian Aeronautical Industry Corporation (CIAC) .

This aircraft, whose full name is High Performance Remotely Manned System is called to be "the first Class II/III unmanned aerial system of national design, development and production that provides service in the Spanish Armed Forces", as highlighted by the magazine of the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

The development of SIRTAP began in 2017. On November 29, 2023, Spain confirmed the acquisition of nine complete systems and two simulators, for an amount of 500 million euros. "Each system is made up of three unmanned aircraft and a ground control station, which entails the production of 27 aircraft and nine command centers, control and reception of images and signals", explains the aforementioned magazine.

According to Infodefensa, Colombia will acquire six complete systems, that is, 16 aircraft and six command centers, for an amount of 300 million dollars. In Colombia, this project is known as Atlante II, the name that this UAV originally received before the start of its development, for the name Spanish Unmanned Long Range Tactical Aircraft. The plane is 7.3 meters long and 11 meters wide and has a maximum takeoff weight of 750 kilos.

Airbus highlights that the SIRTAP will have a payload of more than 150 kg and that it has been designed for advanced surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance missions, both on land and at sea. It will have an autonomy of 2,000 km or more than 20 flight hours, with high flexibility and reactivity, "allowing day and night operations in the most demanding environments." The information released by Airbus indicates that the SIRTAP could also be equipped with conventional and guided weapons.

One of the requirements set by Spain is that two SIRTAPs can be folded in the hold of a C-295 transport aircraft, in order to facilitate their deployment on poorly prepared runways without the need for an aircraft. larger size. The forecast is that the first SIRTAP flight will take place in 2025 and that the first complete system will be delivered to the Spanish Armed Forces in 2027, concluding deliveries in 2030.

You can see here a video about SIRTAP released by Airbus in 2022:

Here is another Airbus video that shows its possible uses, which would also include rescue missions on the high seas and in high mountains:


Images: Airbus.

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