Israel Defense Forces publish detailed operational information

Six months of combat against Hamas: the numbers of this war published by Israel

Today marks six months since the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel, the largest massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

The weapons that the Israel Defense Forces have to wipe Hamas off the map
Photos of an Israeli captain showing the Merkava MkIV in action against Hamas

In these six months, Israel has managed to control the north and center of the Gaza Strip, destroying most of the infrastructure of Hamas in that territory and also of other terrorist groups, such as Islamic Jihad . On its military response to the Hamas terrorist attack, IDF has released detailed operational information that captures this war in numbers. Being the Armed Forces of a democratic country in which there is freedom of information, that is the only reliable source of this war.

Defense and Aviation does not give even the slightest credibility to the numbers published by a terrorist organization like Hamas, under whose rule freedom of the press has not existed in Gaza. In fact, Hamas has been spreading hoaxes and even attributes to Israel deaths caused by the rockets launched by Palestinian terrorists that end up falling in Gaza. On the little or no credibility of Hamas figures, I refer to what I already published here.

The figures published by the Israel Defense Forces are as follows:

Hostages held by Hamas (source)

  • 133 hostages kidnapped on October 7 remain in the hands of the terrorist organization. The status of all of them is unknown. More information about those hostages can be seen at this website.

Hamas Casualties (source)

  • More than 12,000 terrorists eliminated.
  • 5 terrorist brigade commanders eliminated.
  • More than 20 terrorist battalion commanders eliminated.
  • More than 100 terrorist company commanders eliminated.

Israeli casualties (source)

  • 600 soldiers dead since the start of the war (October 7, 2023).
  • 256 soldiers killed since the start of ground operations (October 27, 2023).
  • 41 soldiers killed as a result of operational accidents: 20 died as a result of friendly fire; 5 dead as a result of irregular fire; 16 died as a result of accidents.
  • 3,188 injuries in total since the start of the war (October 7, 2023): 1,842 slightly injured, 849 moderately injured and 497 seriously injured.
  • 1,550 injured since the start of ground operations in Gaza (October 27, 2023): 716 lightly injured, 516 moderately injured and 318 seriously injured.
  • Injuries due to operational accidents: 54 injured as a result of friendly fire; 34 injured by irregular fire; 456 injured as a result of accidents (weapons, car accidents); 36 injured as a result of traffic accidents; 50 injured for other reasons.
  • Soldiers hospitalized: 57 in mild condition, 188 in moderate condition and 27 in serious condition.

Terrorist interrogations (source)

Unit 504 has conducted approximately 4,600 interrogations since the beginning of the war. Many of those interrogated have been incriminated as terrorists and some participated in the October 7 Massacre.

Operational targets attacked by Israel in Gaza (source. Data updated as of April 2, 2024)

  • 32,000 targets hit from the air.
  • More than 3,600 targets marked as potential threats (targets marked as a threat during the war using the Intelligence Directorate's targeting center, in addition to those that were marked before the war).
  • Approximately 3,250 launchers and rockets seized or destroyed.
  • Approximately 4,250 terrorist infrastructures destroyed.
  • More than 165,000 naval operational hours.
  • More than 185,000 air operational hours.

Rocket attacks against Israel by terrorists (source. Data updated on April 2)

  • Launches from Gaza: Approximately 9,100 crossed into Israeli territory.
  • Launched from Lebanon: Approximately 3,100 crossed into Israeli territory.
  • Launches from Syria: Approximately 35 crossed into Israeli territory.

Reservists mobilized by Israel (source)

  • 300,000 reservists enlisted since the beginning of the war (October 7, 2023).
  • Approximately 83% of reservists are men and 17% are women.
  • Approximately 45% of reservists are between 20 and 29 years old; 32% between 30 and 39 years old; 15% between 40 and 49 years old; 6% between 50 and 59 years old; 2% between 60 and 69 years old.

Israel's efforts to evacuate civilians in Gaza (source)

  • Approximately 100,000 evacuation telephone calls.
  • Approximately 9.3 million evacuation leaflets were released.
  • Approximately 15.5 million text messages were sent asking for evacuation.
  • Approximately 17 million voice recordings were submitted.

The Israel Defense Forces notes the following: "The effort to evacuate Gaza's civilian population for its safety is a central part of the precautionary measures that the IDF takes to reduce harm to uninvolved civilians by encouraging them to temporarily evacuate from areas of intense combat, to less dangerous areas such as shelters and pre-defined places, to which humanitarian aid is routed. The evacuation efforts, including phone calls and text messages, is conducted by Unit 504".

Ayuda humanitaria entregada en Gaza (source)

  • Aid delivered by parachute: Approximately 3,000 packages and 50 deliveries.
  • 6 active field hospitals.
  • Se inspeccionaron 19.776 camiones en los cruces de Nitzana y Kerem Shalom, que contenían aproximadamente 369.990 toneladas de ayuda.
  • 12,197 trucks with food that transported 257,530 tons.
  • 2,885 trucks with shelter equipmentwith 41,470 tons.
  • 1,717 trucks of medical equipment with 19,950 tons.
  • 1,420 water trucks carrying 28,320 tons.
  • 1,557 mixed aid trucks with 22,720 tons.
  • 461 tank trucks containing cooking gas and 225 tank trucks containing fuel.


Photo: Israel Defense Forces.

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