Spain has participated with three soldiers on foot and four armored vehicles

The Spanish Army parades in Rēzekne on the anniversary of Latvia's independence

This Saturday, May 4, the Republic of Latvia celebrates the 34th anniversary of regaining its independence in 1990.

Ares Strike, some excellent photos of the Spanish Army published by the Latvian Army
The Spanish Army wins an international main battle tanks competition in Latvia

Every year on this day, the Latvian people celebrate the end of decades of subjection to the Soviet yoke. Let us remember that in the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939, Nazi Germany and the USSR divided Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and part of Romania. The Soviet invasion of Latvia began on June 15, 1940. After a three-year German occupation (1941-1944), Latvia was again occupied by the Soviets, being annexed to the USSR.

This morning the Latvian Army held a military parade in Rēzekne to celebrate the anniversary of regaining their freedom. Spanish Army soldiers have participated in this parade along with other countries of the NATO's eFP Battle Group Latvia, a multinational unit created on June 19, 2017 to reinforce the security of Latvia, which is member of NATO since 2014, in the face of the growing threat of Russian imperialism.

The Spanish Army has participated in this parade with three soldiers on foot, one carrying the National Flag and two others escorting him, and four armored vehicles: two battle tanks Leopard 2E and two ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles. The Spanish vehicles were decorated with the flags of Spain and Latvia. Currently, most of the Spanish contingent in Latvia is made up of members of the Brigade "Aragón" I.

This afternoon, the Latvian Army has published a series of photos from this parade, among them the ones you can see here.

In addition, Latvian Television (LTV) has broadcast the parade live on YouTube. The video is in Latvian, and unfortunately it does not have automatic subtitles:

Below you can see some captures of the images of the representation of the Spanish Army in the parade that can be seen in this video.

+ UPDATED 8.5.2024 7:34 p.m.: The Latvian Army has published today a good video summary of this parade, which includes images of a Spanish Leopard 2E tank and a Spanish IFV ASCOD Pizarro:

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