These are some of the innovations contemplated in the Army 2035 project

The Spanish Legion shows an assault exercise using drones for various purposes

Today, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are revolutionizing military operations.

The X Flag of the Spanish Legion in an Alpha exercise in an abandoned town in Granada
A video of the Spanish Army shows a disturbing end to a combat with drones

The war in Ukraine is showing all the possibilities that drones have at a tactical level, from their initial missions of reconnaissance and guidance for artillery fire, to other offensive purposes, such as launching projectilesand even the so-called suicide drones, equipped with small explosive charges and which act as guided munitions.

This morning, the Spanish Legion has shown an assault exercise on defensive positions by the VIII Flag "Colón" of the Tercio "Don Juan de Austria" no.3 at the National Training Center (CENAD) Chinchilla, in Albacete. In the exercise some innovations have been applied that are part of the Ejército 2035 project, aimed at modernizing the capabilities of the Spanish Army. The video shows some uses of drones that have already been seen in the invasion of Ukraine, especially by Ukrainian forces:

In the video we can see the use of conventional infantry weapons, such as Rheinmetall MG-3 and Heckler & Koch MG-4E light machine guns, Heckler & Koch G-36E assault rifles and AG-36 grenade launchers, like the one we see below these lines.

We also see the use of portable anti-tank weapons. The Army has the Instalaza C-90 and the C-100 Alcotán, with great firepower, as we see below these lines.

The video shows the use of drones in different aspects. Here we see two UAV operators in a protected position.

In addition to the reconnaissance missions that allow the Spanish legionaries to obtain a clear tactical advantage, by being able to locate the enemy before coming into contact with them in the trenches, (in the video we see one of the drones flying rapidly over the area of operations),
We also see the use of UAVs to launch grenades on enemy positions, as in the image that appears below these lines.

The Legion also shows the launching of a mortar projectile from a UAV (below these lines), an innovation of the Ukrainian forces that has proven very effective against the Russian invaders.

Finally, the video shows another offensive capability: a suicide drone, observing its target until it hits it.

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