The old mining town of Minas del Marquesado, built in 1956

The X Flag of the Spanish Legion in an Alpha exercise in an abandoned town in Granada

The Legion, like other units of the Spanish Army, usually uses its own facilities for all types of exercises.

Two rehearsals of the Spanish Legion for Holy Week that are not usually seen in the media
The deployment of military helicopters of the Spanish Army in Ceuta for an exercise

The Legion Brigade has simulated towns in both Ronda (Málaga) and Viator (Almería) to carry out its exercises on a regular basis, but this week the 3rd Company of the X Flag "Millán Astray" of the Tercio "Alejandro Farnesio" 4th of the Legion, based in Ronda, has traveled to the abandoned town of Minas de Alquife, also known as Minas del Marquesado, in the province of Granada, to an Alpha exercise, that is, a tactical subgroup at the level of the aforementioned Company, with support from the 4th Services Company.

The mining town of Minas del Marquesado was built in 1956 to house the workers of the Minas de Alquife iron deposit. After the closure of the mines in 1996, this town was practically abandoned. The channel CharryTV Ronda has published this video by Felipe Passolas (from OFAtV ) showing images of this exercise:

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