Two videos of the Tercio 'Don Juan de Austria' and the Tercio 'Alejandro Farnesio'

Two rehearsals of the Spanish Legion for Holy Week that are not usually seen in the media

Among the different Spanish military units that parade in Holy Week processions, the Legion is undoubtedly the best known.

Some excellent photos and the complete video of the Legion's landing in Malaga
The Spanish Marine Infantry and its striking procession step in Cartagena

Every year, members of the four legionary thirds parade in different cities. In the case of Malaga, the thirds take turns each year to escort their patron, the Christ of the Good Death. The legionnaires' parades on these dates provoke great admiration and always attract the attention of the media. But behind those shows there is a lot of work to make everything go perfectly.

A few days ago, CharryTV Ronda showed us the rehearsals of the spenders of the X Flag "Millán Astray" of the Tercio "Alejandro Farnesio" 4th of the Legion, which is based in Ronda (Málaga). The Legion's squads of spenders not only parade, but also do acrobatics with their CETME C rifles. The video includes at the end an interview with the corporal who leads this squad:

Here we can see some screenshots of this interesting video, which has already had more than 100,000 views:

Furthermore, today OFAtV has published a video in which we see the rehearsals of the VIII Flag "Colón" of the Tercio "Don Juan de Austria" 3rd of the Legionfor the transfer of the Christ of the Good Death of Mena in Malaga, without a doubt the most famous event of all the acts of Holy Week in which the Legion participates. In this video there is also an interview with the corporal who leads the legionaries who carry the cross, a veteran who has been in the Legion for 33 years and who has been carrying the Christ of the Good Death in Malaga for 29 years:

The videos are in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player.

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