The transfer was carried out by the Railway Company of the RPEI 12

The deployment of armored vehicles of the Spanish Legion by train from Ronda to Zaragoza

The Spanish Army regularly uses the railway as a means of transporting materials and personnel.

The Spanish Legion shows an assault exercise using drones for various purposes
The boarding in train of more than 100 armored vehicles of the Spanish Army in Madrid

Yesterday CharryTV Ronda published an interesting video that shows one of those deployments in train for a Gamma exercise (as those carried out at a level equivalent to that of a regiment are known) by the Legion and from the Ronda station to Zaragoza, with destination to the National Training Center (CENAD) San Gregorio.

It has been many years since the legionary units of Ronda were deployed by train. The Montejaque Barracks in that town in Malaga serves as the base for the Tercio "Alejandro Farnesio" 4th of the Legion (formed by a single battalion-type unit, the X Bandera "Millán Astray") and the Armored Light Cavalry Group "Reyes Católicos" II (GCLAC II).

In the video we can see the loading of 36 vehicles, 29 from GCLAC II and 7 from X Bandera. We can see VEC M-1 and VRC Centauro cavalry vehicles, BMR-600 armored transport vehicles and VAMTAC ST-5 tactical vehicles. Transportation is provided by the Railway Company of the Regiment of Pontoneros and Specialties of Engineers No. 12 (RPEI 12), based in Monzalbarba (Zaragoza), with Renfe Mercancías 333 Prima locomotives (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see part of the video captures here. In the first we see two Centauro cavalry reconnaissance vehicles on PMM platform cars of the RPEI 12.

Below these lines we can see a RPEI 12 passenger car, the Z-118.002 (50 71 03-78 004-9), with the characteristic olive green color of this railway equipment of the Spanish Army.

This car is of the Bc10x-9.600 type, purchased by Renfe in 1984 and later sold to the Ministry of Defense, it has 10 departments with 8 seats each, which can be converted into 6 bunk beds, according to the report. The poor condition of the olive green paint on this car is due to the acts of vandalism in the form of graffiti that it suffers, acts of incivility that, as we can see, the locomotive 333 Prima that appears in the video also suffers.

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